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Many people know solar lights as a small decoration item for the garden. A small solar panel, often located on a humorous figure, or a basic geometric shape like a sphere or cube, captures the sun's energy during the day and stores it in an integrated battery, so that the little decoration object can illuminate at night without being connected to the mains power supply. However not many people know that the same technology that gets its energy solely from the sun, is also able to cover the "large" light requirement in the garden and on your property in general. We at are therefore presenting you with both types of this unique form of lighting: one with a purely decorative purpose and one which offers you security through perfect lighting outside. This is possible by integrating solar technology into all relevant categories of outside lighting, be it wall lights, path lights or spotlights. The technology is being continuously developed so that a high-quality, bright outside light without using mains power could be possible fairly soon. The solar light makes it possible!

No power costs for solar lights

The solar light obviously needs energy for operation. But as the light draws this energy from the battery and is not therefore connected to the mains supply, no new item needs to be paid on the electricity bill for its use. You probably have to regard this as the biggest advantage of these outside lights. This advantage of solar lights is closely followed by the mobility of the products: the fact that no connection to the electricity grid is necessary, means that no cable needs to be laid. This will prevent tripping hazards and ensure that solar lights can be positioned anywhere where they are needed. The accessories needed for simple assembly are available for almost all products or are supplied directly. This includes, for example, the ground spike for a spotlight or a wall mount for an outside wall light. Once assembled, the user can benefit from long-term cost savings because all other garden lights without solar technology would generate additional power costs. Users get a lot from their solar light if they illuminate with LED light on top of that.

Advantages of using LEDs in solar lights

Solar lights which have an LED bulb have a greater operational time. This is because LED bulbs consume about 90% less energy than filament bulbs. A normal filament bulb in conjunction with solar technology can thus not be realised efficiently. Just as solar technology is considered by many as insufficient for real lighting, the efficiency of LED illumination is also disputed. But that's not true! On the contrary, LEDs consume up to 90% less energy and with this low consumption, produce the same brightness as a filament bulb. Thanks to the low energy consumption, the battery is under less strain; the energy stored will keep much longer. Therefore it is possible to realise efficient illumination of driveways, paths or entrance areas using a solar light.

Efficient solar lights for any usage area

The outside area needs many light sources to be well-showcased, but primarily to be safe. The paths on a property should always be perfectly illuminated so that someone who has never been there before will always stay on the paths, will avoid leaving the path and will quickly see trip hazards. This risk, which should never be underestimated, applies to private property and to company property or assisted living facilities. Solar path lights, popular in a robust stainless steel casing, ensure that the path is well illuminated and a dangerous risk is reduced. Recognising garage entrances is just as important. High-quality solar lights in the shape of spotlights provide an extensive illumination of these dangerous areas. Stairways in the entrance hall are just as dangerous. Here, solar lights for the wall help to shine enough light so that you don't misstep when entering the house. However, since all of these areas aren't necessarily considered important areas for showcasing a property, most solar lights have an additional special technology: a motion detector.

Light when needed in solar lights with a motion detector

The motion detector is a piece of technology which is essential for situation-dependent illumination. For non-solar lights, the motion detector also helps to save energy as the light is turned off when not needed. Plus the bulbs are also protected as they remain switched off when they are not needed and thus none of their service life is lost. Energy is still saved in solar lights: the energy stored in the battery. This will maximise the operational time and the battery will last especially long. Of course, the bulbs used or installed in the solar light are also protected. Conventional solar lights can, in any case, profit from the bulb's enormous service life of up to 50,000 hours. The motion detector is generally an infrared sensor which detects heat sources and thus turns the light on when a person or car approaches. A twilight sensor, often installed as well, also ensures that the light can only be turned on at night, i.e. when it's dark. That prevents the light being turned on unnecessarily when there's sufficient daylight.

Decorative solar lights for your garden

As well as the safety aspect and the practical use of solar lights, the garden is of course also an area where relaxing showcasing with light can be provided in a variety of ways. The garden is often called a second living room. And since comprehensive lighting, from general light, to area lighting as well as decorative light accents is common in the living room and fun can be had in creating this, this feature can also be transferred to garden lighting. As mentioned at the start, it is often small figurines in different colours and shapes, spheres and cubes, or another design, which are fitted with solar technology and thus enrich the property with accents which completely suit the taste of the owner. Decorative solar lights provide funny special features, for example in the shape of a bird or a butterfly. Often, a chain of solar lights, which surround plants or trees and adorn bushes, provide an exciting addition to the garden. A properly-placed light sphere, or the light of a spotlight can, on the other hand, draw attention to the special acquisitions in the garden. Here, it's not the product that takes centre stage, but its practical feature - specially showcasing the garden. In doing so, elements can be highlighted especially and other elements, which should perhaps not be focussed upon, can take a back seat. The garden will be come a playground for lighting experiments which includes illuminating a garden pond with a floating light sphere, or illuminating with an underwater spotlight with a colour changer from under the water's surface. In crucial lighting of areas where dampness can occur, please pay attention to the usability of different lights on different areas of the property. If you aren't sure, choose simple decoration. For example, benches and tables can be embellished with attractive lights; products with rattan add a particularly natural ambience. Be inspired by the comprehensive selection at and discover solar light suitable for your needs or the right decoration for your taste!

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