porch lights

Porch & Front Door Lights Light up the entrance to your home

The entrance to your home should always look warm and inviting. And while plants, flowers and ornaments have an important role to play, porch lights tie everything together. Whether lighting the way, highlighting beautiful features or offering security through the night, the entrance to your home just wouldn’t be the same were it not bathed in a rich, warm golden glow.

The perfect porch light checklist

  • Ensure freedom from glare ...
    ... with frosted glass or indirect light

  • Use motion detectors and twilight sensors ...
    ... when needed

  • Use LED bulbs ...
    ... for instant brightness and high energy efficiency

  • Pay attention to the correct IP protection class ...
    ... because it always rains

  • Make smart choices ...
    ... for colour and comfort

  • Add a house number light ...
    ... to keep the postman and guests happy!

Security in the dark

In the dark, it’s easy to miss a step or trip over a newly placed flower pot. So make sure you cut out any risk of unnecessary injury by adding entrance lights to your home - ideally with motion detectors.

Entrance wall lights

An exterior wall light is an elegant way to illuminate the entrance to your home. And when placed at around three-quarters of the height of the door, they provide excellent light. You’ll never have to fumble in the dark for your keys again!

Lighting by numbers

Lighting your house number is the perfect way to cut out excuses from couriers, taxi drivers and takeaway services who call to say they’re unable to find where you live. And the postman might thank you too!

Outdoor ceiling lights

If you have a porch, you can also illuminate the entrance area with a pleasant, warm, glare-free ceiling porch light.

Outdoor pendant lights

Outdoor pendant lights are a real statement piece, and we’ve got lots of styles available, ranging from modern and designer lights to more traditional and rustic designs, including lanterns. There’s one to suit for every style of architecture - just make sure they’re not low enough for visitors to bang their heads on!

Pillar and path lights

Lighting a pathway adds an inviting feel to the entrance of your home - with the light closest to the door doubling as a pathway and porch light. How cool is that?

Decorative front door lights

Globes, cubes, earth spikes, fairy lights - and a whole lot more. We’ve got a wide range of additional lights that’ll create a talking point whenever there’s a knock on the door.