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BEDROOM LIGHTING IDEAS 8 hacks for creating more ambience and comfort

Nowadays, lighting designs for the bedroom are so varied; every interior design fan can create something utterly unique. That’s why we’ve compiled 8 hacks to help you choose what type, style and lighting you need to create a cosy atmosphere in your home.

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#1 What style is suitable for the bedroom?

The main thing to focus on in the bedroom is creating a cosy atmosphere with light that doesn’t dazzle you when you go to bed at night or get up in the morning.

Popular styles for bedrooms are the cosy Scandi style, which provides stimulation with simple colours and natural materials, and the Oriental chic, which adds a romantic look and feel.

If Scandi or Oriental aren’t your thing, bedroom lighting in modern country house, vintage and sunny Mediterranean styles are also designed for maximum comfort in the bedroom. And while you’re mixing or matching your ceiling and wall lamps to create the ideal ambience, the one thing all styles have in common is they use modern LED technology.

#2 Alternatives to the classic bedside lamp

A lamp on the bedside table is one option - a good one, admittedly. But modern bedroom lighting is much more than a classic reading lamp. A pendant light next to the bed’s headboard is one idea that’s bang on-trend and makes reading fun in the evening.

Wall lights behind or next to the headboard also add the most beautiful glow to the bedroom, and a modern filament bulb in a retro style has its own bit of vintage charm.

A stylish alternative is using a floor lamp as a bedroom lamp. Placed at head height next to the bed - on the right or the left - it provides the optimum light needed for leafing through your favourite magazine or book in the evening. Bedside lamps, including useful features such as smart lights with charging pads, are popular too.

#3 On-bed lighting means no more groping in the dark

As soon as your toe sticks out of bed, the light goes on. How? By mounting light strips and small nightlights on the underside of the bed that react to movements in the detection range of the height of a bedside rug. This means you’ll never have to feel around for the light switch when you go to the bathroom.

Night lights that can do more than react to movements in the dark with light are becoming even more popular, especially models with a USB port that can charge smartphones and other electronic devices.

Another practical option is a portable nightlight with a twilight sensor and rechargeable battery that can be taken wherever it’s needed, including downstairs for when you get a bit peckish during the night.

#4 Smart lighting ideas for more comfort and cosiness

A bedroom ceiling light that can be controlled with a smartphone can shine in various colours to bring comfort and cosiness to every bedroom. But it's not just the big light that’s smart. Bedside lamps, pendant lights and, well, pretty much every light you can think of come smart ready too.

Smart LED bedroom lights can be controlled from the comfort of your bed using your mobile device, and with gentle colour changes in up to 16 million different light colours, you’ll wonder why you ever went to sleep without them.

If that wasn’t enough, there are now smart light models available that allow you to play your favourite playlists via your smartphone - helping you drop off at night to your favourite classical or heavy rock number!

#5 Bedroom lighting ideas for a sloping roof

If you have your bedroom in the attic, there are just as many lighting options open to you as any other bedroom. A sloping roof can be fitted with spots, spotlights, recessed lights or LED panels and strips, all of which can be smartphone-controlled.

A cable system is also a stylish way of lighting sloping wooden beams. With the use of connector pieces, the light can be attached individually - even around corners.

Chandeliers and pendant lights are suitable for sloping walls too - these look particularly appealing in combination with rustic beams. But if you don't want to venture up the ladder at all, you can use floor and table lamps.

#6 Eye-catching decorative lights

An illuminated vanity mirror that can charge a smartphone thanks to its USB port is a modern must-have for the dressing table while ceiling lights that simulate a starry sky help to bring the outside into the bedroom.

To make sure you fall asleep under the stars, it’s best to choose a model that can be turned on or off via remote control.

Decorative lights like fairy lights add a touch of romance to the bedroom and can be hung around picture frames to draw attention to photos of you and your loved one.

#7 Lighting with storage space

You can never have enough storage space in the bedroom, whether it’s a shelf here or a little table there. That’s why we have lighting with storage that’s perfect for keeping your book, jewellery or smartphone within easy reach. A shelf and a lamp all in one? Absolutely!

We also have a large floor lamp that doubles as a clothes rack. Just grab your outfit before you go to bed, hang it up, and the next day it’ll be ready for you, crease-free and illuminated.

Lamps with storage space are perfect as bedside lamps too. So, once you finish your chapter and put your book down, you can switch off the light and fall to sleep in seconds.

#8 Wardrobe lighting makes your clothes the star attraction

Make your clothes the star attraction by brightening your closet space with wardrobe lights. Whether you choose spotlights, light strips, spots or recessed lighting, one thing is guaranteed: you’ll never have to rummage in the dark for your favourite outfit again.

When it comes to wardrobe lighting, colour rendering is important. We suggest a Ra 100 render, as this will light your clothes elegantly, even during daylight.

If you don't want to massacre your wardrobe with screws, small spots are available with adhesive strips. All you have to do is peel, stick and switch.

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