Why are glass pendant lights always elegant and individual?

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The choice of a hanging light made of glass is the perfect place to start for unique and elegant decorating. The nature of this unique material forms the most elegant and high-quality products in terms of look and design.

The most expected shape of glass is clear and smooth as is known from the coil of a filament bulb or a window glass. A well-cleaned window, which allows you to see a natural landscape, increases quality of life and no-one could say that the design of a filament bulb with a clear coil doesn't appeal, which is why modern bulbs are always based on this shape.

In a similar way, glass pendant lights, which give the room a design element which underlines a dignified atmosphere and is therefore unique, are effective because glass is adaptable to any desired shape including really exotic ones.

Glass as a design element of hanging lights

Glass pendant lights are definitely not just available with clear glass - a look at the offering at Lights.co.uk will quickly prove this. Yet this type is very popular among modern glass hanging lights. An example of this is the modern LED lights from Lampenwelt.com, the own brand of Lights.co.uk. The brand products, made exclusively in Germany, use an especially high-quality tempered glass which in addition to a unique look, is very safe for use in the living room. It often occurs that the glass of a pendant light is hit by a broomstick, a wine bottle or by another hard object when cleaning the dining table and the glass shatters into sharp fragments. For Lampenwelt.com's products, which are made in Germany, a glass is used which you otherwise know from the automotive industry: upon strong collision, the glass breaks into thousands of tiny pieces which don't cut and which don't pierce the skin. Clear glass also offers the advantage that the light is not limited at all. It illuminates through the material and the visibility of the bulb is often part of the style of a very specific product

Matte or opal white glass in pendant lights - a classic elegance

Both a clear glass look and a matte or opal white glass are popular in bathroom and living room lights. This translucent glass, which does not allow the bulb to be seen, works as a diffusor, which makes the light completely glare-free. Thanks to a clear glass shade, you can see through and, if the wrong bulb or direction is selected, it can glare. The matte glass shade on the other hand allows you to see the light without difficulty. This is often worth looking at specifically: the flexible material glass allows unusual shapes like an uneven sphere, a cloud which illuminates from the inside out or other single and multi-bulb variations. Of course, the purely spherical and cylindrical shapes, which can be used in almost any modern decorating style and contribute to the decoration of a real, pristine wellness oasis in the bathroom, are still very classic and extremely popular

Coloured glass - design variety for designers

Many designers choose glass as a material for particularly unusual pendant lights. For example, chandeliers from the brand de Majo are known by everyone for their unusual creations from Murano glass. Curved shapes which can take the form of a flaming chandelier are not a rare occurrence in this brand manufacturer. It is of course very effective if the glass is not just in the correct shape, but also in the correct colour. Glass can be coloured without losing its translucence and its elegant look. Designers create crazy combinations from colour and shape, be it a hanging light with spiral-shaped hanging violet glass elements or brightly coloured glass pendant lights which looks like a collection of inflated balloons. Among glass pendant lights, you will discover real curiosities and noble-looking products which can give your living room or dining room the elegant glow which you have always looked for. Are you a modern person and love the modern living style? Then you too can discover your dream light made of glass at Lights.co.uk!.

Beige-coloured or sand-coloured glass for a tasteful country house style

The country house style is characterised by rustic furniture made of wood and an altogether warm look orientated towards country life which is often finished off with one or other pastel colour. For many, a wrought iron light in dark brown is too heavy and so they wish for something lighter. Here, glass pendant lights offer a wealth of new options. The classic hanging light with a semi-circular shade which shines a beam of light downwards onto a table or living area is available in beige or sand colours. This pleasant brown is natural and simple and assists a particularly warm living ambience. Shades like this are also translucent so that you will be aware of a switched-on light from outside. The colour of the glass gives the light a more homely character. Comfiness and homeliness are reflected in such a light - mainly if you pay attention to the correct light colour when selecting the bulb. A warm white light, which is reddish and corresponds to the light of a filament bulb, should be chosen for a living area. Anyone who, in the sense of a free and serene countryside, also wants to do something for the environment, will choose LED bulbs which, thanks to their high energy efficiency, reduce electricity costs and CO2 emissions and also reduce waste generation thanks to their much longer service life

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