Floor lamps in all models for countless rooms and usage options

Where other products boast great stylistic diversity, the floor lamp can boast a wide range of different forms.
The design of the floor lamp is modern and simple with few exceptions; the colouring spans chrome, grey, black and white as well as brass and the material is usually a high quality metal.

The simple look of this product is however a guarantee that the floor lamp can be integrated into any room seamlessly. Floor lamps are practical and chic in their own simple way - any room can benefit from the many forms which this product can have. However, in order to get noticed, owners use such products which not only enthuse with the quality of their light, but also with a matching frame and shade which suit a certain style.

Examples of lights in a particular style are pendant lights in a country-house style, ceiling lights with a frame made from gold, table lights with a shade made of cotton, silk or leather or wall lights made of crystal or glass.
Floor lamps do, of course, include products which were designed by a renowned designer or an exquisite manufacturer and can thus attract attention with their special design. Examples of brand products like this are floor lamps from Flos. Normal floor lamps for the living room or other rooms, however, are simple and based on the quality of the light.

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The light of a floor lamp - tailored to where it is used

Floor lamps generally shine light which is suitable for providing more light in a certain place than ceiling lights or wall lights produce in a room. Since different places are constructed in different ways, however, floor lamps must also be made in different ways to meet light requirements. One of the types which, contrary to the other types, is suitable for supporting general lighting and not just lighting one area, is the ceiling uplighter. Instead of a shade, which is perhaps known in ceiling lights or hanging lights, the ceiling uplighter (normally) has an opaque bowl. The light from the bulb located in this bowl shines exclusively upwards onto the ceiling, which gives this light the name ceiling uplighter. Different bulbs with different technologies are used. For reasons to be explained later, LEDs are an excellent choice for floor lamps. You can often also find bright R7s bulbs. These have a high power consumption of several hundred watts and are thus much more energy intensive than LEDs, but produce excellent brightness. This high performance explains why a ceiling uplighter is sometimes also used for general lighting. Lighting a ceiling doesn't just ensure that the ceiling will be bright. The light is spread indirectly throughout the room thanks to reflection. This provides a, soft low-shadowing illumination without glare.

Another model of floor lamps: arc lamps

Arc lamps are considered floor lamps, however, they have a curved frame at the end of which a shade is located. This special kind of floor lamp is used near a couch or sofa at home: it is often annoying, if you would like to own a floor lamp, that the lamp, which has a heavy base and stand, always stands in such a way that it is impractical or disruptive, or is considered a nuisance or in the way. You knock into it when you stand up, and it's in the way when watching television. The arc lamp on the other hand, is placed behind a sofa or back rest and only the shade reaches over. Thus there is only light where it is needed and the frame is as far away as possible. This is convenient in a living room. Neither a ceiling uplighter nor an arc lamp are standard versions of a floor lamp - despite the large selection and many offers you can discover at Lights.co.uk.

A normal floor lamp for a better-lit living room

A normal floor lamp on the other hand, stretches upwards as straight as a die with the shade located at the top. Floor lamps usually have fabric shades. Out of all the colours, a beige cotton shade has proven its worth - it ensures that light is particularly warm and cosy, which is ideal for a living room. Often, these beige shades can be found in conjunction with a wrought iron or dark brown frame. The light is then perfectly suitable for a country house style, even though the floor lamp itself is simple. On the other hand, anyone who has furnished in a classical style will turn to a combination of a white or marbled shade in conjunction with a decorative edge and a brass frame. Floor lamps with a white shade and chrome frame are modern - these elegant lights supplement a living room or a modern furnished, bright bedroom with an excellent additional light. Despite all combinations of colours, the floor light however remains slim and simple. Exceptions here are frequently of a design-related nature: lights with several shades or with a slight downwards swing in the head (without being an arc lamp) offer something different, as do floor lamps finished in wood.

Advantages of a floor lamp compared to fixed lights

Fixed lights, i.e. ones which are connected directly by cable, e.g. ceiling lights and wall lights, have the disadvantage that they cannot be further customised after they have been mounted. This is not the case for floor lamps, which only need to be plugged into a mains socket outlet. The cable, often several meters long, ensures that this is largely straightforward. And after being plugged in, the floor lamp can be moved in the truest sense of the word. A little bit to the left or to the right: no problem with a floor lamp! This product combines more advantages of individual light design: floor lamps are commonly fitted with a dimmer, which is located on the frame. This control, which allows you to adjust the brightness according to your needs, is within arm's reach, particularly if the owner is relaxing on the sofa. The ceiling uplighter also normally has an additional function: a reading light. This hangs off a second arm which is often constructed in such a way that you can direct the spotlight which is located at the end of it. Illuminate the room brightly and make each letter clearly visible? A floor lamp with a reading light offers this exceptional convenience.

Save with a modern floor lamp

As has already been mentioned, LED lighting technology is an optimal choice for a floor lamp, and particularly if a floor lamp already has an LED light installed. Care is to be taken in floor lamps with fittings, e.g. for E27 bulbs. If the product is fitted with a dimmer, compatibility of non-dimmable LED bulbs with the corresponding fitting cannot be guaranteed. For lights with pre-installed LED lighting, problems with bulbs are basically a thing of the past. LEDs last up to 50,000 hours and do not go suddenly, instead, the luminous flux emitted reduces gradually. In addition, you save up to 90% energy with LEDs - and at optimal lighting conditions and outstanding light quality. Light quality means comfortable, warm white light for a living room and a very good colour reproduction of at least Ra 80. Floor lamps for offices are different; they are often fitted with a motion detector and a brightness sensor. Discover our office lighting or learn more about motion detectors, presence sensors, infrared sensors and more.

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