Pendant lights - an individual light source and impressive room element

The hanging light is also one of the most beautiful as well as one of the most practical lights for the living room.
But it can even be found outside; as primarily rustic pendant lights, they provide country house charm on a covered terrace or on a covered balcony.

Inside, the choice is obviously larger and covers various styles. The country house style is as well represented as maritime flair and of course, modern simplicity for elegant living rooms which place value on clear lines and elegant colours like black, white or chrome. Hanging lights prove themselves in any room; in the living room, they provide excellent general lighting, a tasteful atmosphere for luxurious eating in the dining room, some downtime in the winter garden as a Florentine light and sufficient brightness in the bedroom for getting dressed and, ideally with a dimmer, soft light for relaxing.

So that the hanging light can take on all of these tasks, it comes in all different sorts. The most important two variants of the pendant light are those with opaque shades opened at the bottom and those with translucent shades.
The light falls completely differently and can be used differently depending on the variant.
If there are no shades and the bulbs can be seen, the multi-bulb hanging light is very similar to the chandelier.

You can discover variations on this type directly at in the category for chandeliers - for elegant rooms as well as for smaller private living rooms.

Pendant Lights online from

Live in the glow of a hanging light

The living room is a particularly popular place to provide comprehensive lighting with a pendant light. Here, you should choose a product which has translucent shades, for example made of satined glass or opal glass. The glass lets the light shine through faultlessly so that it shines throughout the whole room. The satined glass in turn ensures that it doesn't glare if you look directly at the light. And each guest and the user should and will definitely do that because the product is within the field of vision thanks to its low height in the room; the hanging light also usually comes with a customisable suspension. In comparison, ceiling lights are positioned much higher in the room and as a result, catch the eye much less. The lower height of the hanging light in comparison to ceiling lights makes it necessary to select a design in the style of the room. offers you products of all styles and all prices so that when decorating, you don't have to make concessions but on the contrary, can enjoy advantages and, in the future, can live more pleasantly.

The pendant light in the dining room

Hanging lights are also extremely popular in the dining room where they are located above the dining table. In lighting this room, which is often connected to the kitchen, choosing a light with an opaque shade is recommended. Depending on decorating style, shades in chrome or another opaque colour can be chosen. The shades, open at the bottom, create a cone of light which allow only the dining table to fall within the light. This means the brightness in the rest of the room is weakened slightly and thus light is focussed on the centre of the room and on what takes place there: eating and drinking. You can discover more on this complex topic in our blog: click here. Here you will get good tips on the topic of light quality which plays a very important role in the dining room: a colour reproduction of Ra>80 is the minimum required to optimally reproduce the colours of the food and make them look tasteful. Otherwise, the food will look a bit bland. Don't worry about whether the opaque shade needed will limit you - at, discover a large selection of products with which you can dine pleasurably under the glow of your personal hanging light.

Pendant lights with LED - save energy and enjoy excellent light

In lighting, just like every area of the house, it is necessary to save electricity and in the process, do your wallet and the environment some good. Pendant lights are generally fitted with the standard light fittings. That means that you can save with a model with, for example, four E27 type fittings of 40 Watt each, by swapping filament bulbs or halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. By replacing with an LED, you ensure up to 90% energy saving with identical brightness and identical warm white and cosy light. The moderately higher prices of modern LED bulbs quickly gives a good return since high-quality LEDs very rarely need to be exchanged and provide optimal light for years. No other technology in lighting is being developed as intensively as the LED bulb. So that you are always informed of the latest news and offers in this area, don't forget to subscribe to your free personal newsletter from today!

Tips for optimal lighting with a hanging light

A properly selected, stylish pendant can simply delight. In an appropriate style, it enriches the room, whether in modern chrome or aluminium, in classic silver, brass or gold, printed with historical sea charts, in pure white, elegant black or as an outstanding product from noteworthy designers like Flos or Menzel. Orientate towards your existing decor. You will surely have a fondness for certain furniture. If that is the case, it is worth transferring the decorating style of this furniture to your new light. When buying, pay attention to whether your product needs to be height-adjustable. That means that you can use a mechanism to customise the height at any time. In principle, you can customise almost any hanging light when mounting it, so that the product can match the height of the room. Depending on the width and length of the room, it can be necessary to choose a multi-bulb hanging light if you want to illuminate the whole room with it. But you always have the option to easily add additional lights and thus light sources which require no complicated installation to the mains which is often not possible due to lack of connection. This includes floor lamps as well as table lights and mainly bedside table lights in the bedroom for cosy reading time in the evening. The higher the number of light bulbs, the higher the energy costs. As previously mentioned, you can save up to 90% costs with LED bulbs - take advantage of this!

A conclusion on hanging lights

Hanging lights can be placed anywhere in the house. You have to make sure they match the decorating style and the design suits your personal taste. Depending on the function that the pendant light has in the dining room, kitchen or living room, choose opaque and translucent shades. To save energy, get rid of short-lived and energy-intensive products like filament bulbs or halogen bulbs and choose LED bulbs or energy saving bulbs, both of which you can buy with a cosy light. Pay attention to a good colour reproduction of Ra>80 in the dining room. So that your room is perfectly lit, you can choose multi-bulb lights or supplement with floor lamps and table lights, for example. You'll find it in the online shop at!

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