Menzel lights manages the balance between trends and tradition

The lighting of a living room has a huge impact on the ambience. More and more people want to have lighting with a warm character. The Menzel lighting manufactur group GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG operates from the Bavarian Ruhpolding with their handmade country house lights that call for atmospheric light with feel-good factor.

A specialist for country house lighting using proven craftmanship: Menzel

Since more than 50 years the name Menzel stands for durability, style associated with high technical demands on the production of the respective country house lamp. Brass locksmiths, seamstresses and glassblowers work in preparing the lights according to established artisan methods. The lights are created in small batches. Menzel achieves in these lights an excellent balance between trends and tradition. The services offered by Menzel lights are also special and meet specific customer requirements such as the preparation of individual glass lampshades or materials.

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