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Northern Shop



Northern - the mood makers

Northern’s style is their own, but at the heart of every lamp is Scandinavian design heritage. This allows them to create pieces that retain the look and feel of their Norwegian homeland while being totally unique. Their goal is to create a refreshing, calming mood with light. Whether the lamp is contemporary, wildly ambitious or bursting with innovative cool - all that matters is the feeling they evoke. Let yourself be inspired by Northern’s modern, Scandinavian design.

The Northern range of lights

Northern - traditional Scandinavian design meets modern cool

Northern was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2005 by Ove Rogne and three friends, whose designs make up the company’s extensive portfolio. But despite its relatively young age, Northern already has a large fanbase worldwide that continues to grow. And for good reason. Northern’s lamps stand out due to a combination of exquisite materials and unmistakably Scandinavian design.

But Northern's goal isn’t only to combine beauty, functionality and modern efficiency into the most beautiful designs. They also aim to give every room its very own atmosphere through light. Be it a calming, subdued mood through soft, simple lighting or an invigorating, energetic one through an eye-catching design. The atmosphere is, of course, up to personal taste - but the extensive Northern range is sure to have something to suit your mood.

The Northern range - traditional Scandinavian design with a modern twist

Northern work with the most diverse designers, architects, and design studios worldwide to create the most dynamic and sought after lamps. Atle Tveit, Yuue, Frost Produkt & Martina Capelan, Hans Bleken Rud or Morten & Jonas are a few of the internationally acclaimed designers behind some of Northern’s most eye-catching creations. Lamps by Northern not only provide beautiful light in private living rooms. They can also be found in offices and showrooms around the globe, exposing their high-quality designs to audiences worldwide.

The Northern range is as unique as the designs of the lights themselves. For example, there are brand new designs to be found and re-editions of world-famous, classic lamps, including the pendant lamp ‘Dokka’ and the table lamp ‘Birdy’ by pioneering Norwegian lighting designer Birger Dahl. These re-editions aren’t ‘reinventions’ or ‘reinterpretations’ of these lamps. Instead, Northern took great care to retain the original, unique and highly successful designs, their functional properties and their fascinating lighting design. Thus continuing the legacy of Birger Dahl in the highest quality using modern materials.

In addition to the re-editions of lamps by Birger Dahl, the range includes new designs by well-known designers, including Mark Braun, Anne Louise Due de Fønss and Anders Lundqvist. What they have in common is their flair for simple Scandinavian design. And yet each product is unique, surprising and captivates the eye with creative, modern coolness. For example, Morten and Jonas's ‘Bake Me a Cake’ table lamp transforms a seemingly simple everyday object shine in a completely new light. Or the table lamp ‘Buddy’ by Mads Sætter-Lassen, which combines a beautiful desk light with a practical pen holder. Another important source of inspiration for Northern’s designs is Scandinavia’s rugged and wild nature, including the unique light of the summer and winter sun. This is how their fascinating lamps are created, like the pendant lamp ‘Acorn’ by Atle Tveit, which is reminiscent of the empty shell of an acorn. And the wall lamp ‘Moo’ by Trond Svendgård and Ove Rogne in the shape of an elk's head. Both of which transfer the beauty of nature into a functional product.

Fascinating Northern lights

From fascinating wall and pendant lamps to sensational table and floor lamps, the Northern range has something for every modern home, restaurant and hotel interior.

Circle pendant lamp by Hannakaisa Pekkala

The chandelier is in demand more than ever and it’s no longer just a statement piece for stately homes and extravagant hotel lobbies - it’s now a popular choice in modern homes, regardless of wealth or status. And one such popular chandelier is the ‘Circle’ pendant lamp by young Finnish designer Hannakaisa Pekkala, who takes an entirely new approach to chandelier design. How?

By reinventing the classic chandelier with a fascinating reinterpretation, it transforms into a modern, stripped back, expressive design, perfect for contemporary living spaces. The starting point for this extraordinary lamp is the circle, which is a single ring from which the light is emitted. Its minimalist design is just as eye-catching as its classic, crystal cousins - proving that less can be more.

Hannah Pekkala

Dokka pendant lamp by Birger Dahl

The ‘Dokka’ pendant lamp was designed in 1954 by the pioneer of Norwegian lighting design, Birger Dahl. It is a typical Scandinavian design that deliberately does without flourishes, decorative details and distracting accessories. Instead, its curved form, clear proportions, well-thought-out details - like the brass ring and two-coloured, funnel-shaped steel shade - create a lamp that’s a true lighting classic. Together with the ‘Birdy’ table lamp, also designed by Birger Dahl in 1952, the ‘Dokka’ pendant lamp won the coveted gold medal at the Milan Triennale in 1954.

Today, the ‘Dokka’ pendant light is one of the most influential lighting creations in Norwegian design history and one of the best-selling lights ever made in Norway. In 2007, ‘Dokka’ was reissued by Northern in new colour variations, including petrol blue, aqua green and light grey, and new finishes for the original black and white versions. Great care was taken to keep the original design and functional properties of this fascinating pendant lamp while breathing new life into a Norwegian design classic.

Illusion Half Wall lamp by Hareide Design

Influenced by Scandinavian nature, including Kjæragbolten (a giant rock floating/wedged between two mountains above a Norwegian fjord), this lamp combines the functional with elements of surprise. How? Because the ‘Illusion Half’ wall lamp is a unique-fascinating combination of table and table lamp. Both the table and lamp are only half visible, so the elegant, minimalist design seems to protrude from the wall and the two pieces of furniture - since there’s no table leg - appears to float in the air. Available in white or black, the ‘Illusion Half’ wall lamp not only provides the most beautiful light it’s also guaranteed to add a talking point to any room.

Illusion Half

About Northern

Country of origin: Norway
Year of foundation: 2005 
Founder: Ove Rogne and others

Address AS
Bygdøy allé 68
0265 Oslo

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