The specialist for energy-saving lights: Megaman

Lighting manufacturer Megaman can be no doubt considered as THE specialist for energy-saving bulbs, i.e. mainly energy-saving lamps (CFLs), but also LEDs. Apart from the two other major lighting manufacturers Osram and Philips, Megaman is one of the three largest providers in Germany. At European level, Megaman, in terms of breadth, the degree of innovation and specialisation in the field of energy-saving lamps is number one. In 2007 Megaman delivered in Germany well over ten million energy-saving lamps. The range of the global illuminant manufacturer, today includes more than 400 models, if you count all wattages and base variants.

Megaman low energy light bulbs for twenty years

Megaman was established in 1994 in Hanau, when the first energy-saving lamps under the registered trademark Megaman came on the market. Within 20 years, the energy-saving lamp has become a high-tech product that can replace almost all incandescent and halogen lamps adequately developed by the bulky and unsuitable lighting bulbs. Megaman equips its energy-saving lamps with a solid amalgam instead of liquid mercury, so that no danger exists of being subjected to any health-threatening mercury vapours, if a low-energy bulb is broken.

Unique technical developments at Megaman

The development of new energy-saving lamps and LEDs is connected in Megaman with unique technical innovations. Therefore, the range the illuminant manufacturer provides has specific models, such as dimmable or low-emission energy-saving lamps, reflector bulbs or lamps with splinter protection and quick start. Not only are the Megaman products themselves environmentally friendly, but also the development and manufacturing process is. The company strives to provide low resource consumption, little production waste and the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes.

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