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Industrial Lighting Urban living in the trendy loft style

Fascination loft flair: Industrial style impresses with its rustic-casual, relaxed-unconventional factory charm. New, exciting industrial lighting designs are created with details such as pipes, valves or rivets which exude individuality, creativity and nostalgia. A well-placed machine or factory item adds to the look. Old farm tools, sewing machines or hand tools – especially for textual and material interest – can complete your industrial interior. With its informal combination of cool metal, untreated wood, glass, cotton and linen, the industrial style's biggest secret is its contrast of cosiness with raw coolness!

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What is typical of industrial-style lighting? Metal, rust and peeled paint

The industrial look has come a long way since New York loft style, which dates back to the time when artists made their homes from low-rent factories. It’s now easy to find beautiful pieces to bring the contrast of lustre and grit to life in all kinds of spaces. Think exposed cables, oversized fittings, chrome, copper and steel, metal, rust and peeled paint.

Rustic statements in metal Lighting ideas with a trendy factory charm

The industrial look is built of strong stuff. Industrial-style lights are mostly made of metal and can look both rough and edgy, but are also delicate and understated. With details such as riveting, peeling paint and rust marks, an industrial-style lamp in an otherwise straightforward interior is a real eye-catcher in any room.

A trend on three legs Tripod lamps with industrial flair

Originally coming from camera tripods and the studio lighting of artists, tripod lamps are another style of industrial interior design. You’ll find various styles and combinations of frame and shade, however, typical features of the industrial-style tripod floor lamp are open metal shades, filament light bulbs and - of course - three solid metal legs.

Used look for the vintage loft Authentic it-pieces in industrial style

While you can go to a flea market for other authentic loft-chic furnishings, industrial lamps are never "old" or used objects. The vintage look with all its deliberate imperfections such as peeled paint is a popular stylistic device for industrial-style lights. In this way, a rough factory look is skillfully combined with a modern lifestyle!

Concrete coolness The trend material for industrial interiors

Lamps made of concrete lend our four walls a no-frills, industrial-chic coolness. Because what lends rustic charm to walls and floors is also a real eye-catcher as a light. The calm grey, the rough feel, the no-frills yet diverse designs create an elegant heaviness and individuality. So just right for factory chic! Tip: For those who like their interiors a little cosier - simply get a lamp or light which combines concrete with other material such as wood or copper.

A splash of colour Colourful industrial designs

The colour scheme of the industrial look is dominated by rather dark, matt tones such as grey, olive-green or black. However, don't scare away to add powerful hues - use brightly coloured fabrics, patterned wallpaper or pendant lights in bright red or a vivid blue!

One bulb is not enough Multi-bulb industrial lamps in loft chic style

Lamps with several light sources or even with several shades on one frame are up to date - also in industrial style. And this is where things get particularly unusual and unconventional: for example, when light sources sit absolutely cool at the end of angled tubes or lampshades are bundled in a trendy cage design. An absolute eye-catcher in a modern loft ambience!