How terrace lights can be used to make your terrace look good

On a beautiful summer's evening, it is as warm in the garden or on a balcony or terrace as it is in a cosy living room in the winter. Whilst you would never want to do away with lighting in the living room, many people shy away from investing in terrace lights. Doing this with the correct bulbs and lights can make the outdoor areas a place that doesn't take a back seat to the living room at all. Light ensures that you can stay on the terrace for longer instead of going into the living room. Therefore, many supposedly indoor activities can take place outdoors with the proper terrace lighting, for example playing a board game with friends, eating and drinking together, or just sitting together on a cosy evening. You wouldn't want to do all of this in the dark, would you? Use terrace lights from to add light to your terrace or balcony and feel more comfortable in the summer - in your second garden living room.


Complete terrace lighting - with practical and decorative terrace lights

Lights for the terrace can be both decorative and practical. Practical terrace lights must deliver exactly the light you need in this location. If you would like to illuminate a table where you will spend a romantic evening dining with your partner, then, just as in your living room, you will use ceiling lights or wall lights, or alternatively outdoor hanging lights. If, on the other hand, there is no canopy, and you don't want to attach light sources to the outside wall, then you have the option of using the terrace equivalent of floor lamps and table lamps. This is where terrace lights starting getting really unique, as a look at our selection will quickly reveal. Whether in the shape of a lantern for a truly romantic, soft and subtle light, as simple floor lamps which form a connection with the cosy living room thanks to their shape, a round light sphere with a colour changer or with a natural-looking stool light, bordered by a rattan frame - with the right terrace light it will be unique and cosy.


Cosy lighting for your terrace

So that it will also be really comfortable and so that you won't have to escape to the living room because the light is too cold, it is important to not only choose a design to suit your tastes, but also a bulb which is in line with your feeling for the living room. This is generally a warm white, slightly red light as used for more than 100 years in filament bulbs. Today, this cosy light effect is no longer achieved with filament bulbs, but with bulbs which are more modern, more energy-efficient, and therefore more cost-effective and durable. This includes energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs. But be careful! Whilst many outdoor lights, such as path lights, use a more whitish or blueish light for perfect visibility, terrace lights are relied on primarily for cosiness and comfort. This is best achieved with warm white light sources. So, when installing a terrace light with traditional fittings, be sure to use a warm white bulb to make the difference between the real living room inside and the terrace outside as small as possible.


Terrace lights with modern solar technology

For many terrace lights, you no longer need to change the bulb. This is particularly the case in decorative outdoor lights, similar to table lamps and floor lamps, especially if these already have LED lighting technology installed. This technology is so economical that these kinds of products sometimes have an additional advantage: they are not operated using mains power, but with a battery or solar power. With solar lights, your terrace lights use real daylight to charge the battery for the evening and provide optimum lighting comfort without cables and therefore without annoying tripping hazards. Of course, this also means no electricity costs for using your terrace lighting! Of course, there are also outside lights with LED light technology which are operated using the mains supply. These are also a lot more impressive - how else would you describe a two-metre long, obelisk-like designer light which makes your terrace a visual highlight not just for you but also for any passers-by? Imagine how envious your neighbours will be when you proudly position your designer light in the garden.


An absolute must for your outside lighting is a suitably high protection rating

When talking about lights in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace you should always take into account the fact that the lights in the garden or anywhere else outdoors are exposed to different kinds of weather conditions and that the combination of water and electricity is dangerous. A minimum rating of IP44, the protection rating of a product, is necessary for the outside area and therefore also for a terrace light. Depending on where it is placed and the protection it gets from a canopy, for example, the protection rating might have to be even higher. Underwater lights and various recessed floor lights have the highest protection rating of IP68, which protects them completely against dust and makes them suitable for constant immersion in water. Terrace lights are not normally exposed to water and if it is a small decorative light to be placed on an outside table and brought back into the house once you have eaten, you probably don't need to pay attention to protection ratings. However, for constant outdoor installation, a protection rating to match the conditions expected is a must.


Would you like some expert advice on shining you terrace, garden or own home in the best light? Then call us or send us an email and our expert customer service team will tackle your individual plans and develop the perfect solution together with you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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