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Floor lights will help you create a nice atmosphere in your garden.

Recessed floor lights are lights which are inseparably connected to the architecture of the garden or the property overall. The recessed floor light has a certain installation depth, at which the light must be built into the floor. The upper end of the outdoor light, which generally has a covering frame made of stainless steel, fits flush with the floor within a few millimetres. This ensures that the recessed floor spotlight poses absolutely no danger of collision, which, for reasons to be explained shortly, is a big advantage for this special category of outdoor lights. In terms of design, the stainless steel finish mentioned is either round or square and certain recessed spotlights have no frame at all. Whether round or square: the light itself takes a back seat when it's dark. All that is important is what the recessed spotlight is being used for - since this could be for both practical as well as highlighting purposes.

Recessed floor lights used for highlighting

Every property has particularly attractive areas which all too often simply disappear in the darkness, instead of being attractively highlighted. A recessed floor light, often available in a set with several models, provides illumination from a source which, as mentioned above, takes a back seat. Only what is in the focus of the recessed floor light is visible in the dark. The outdoor light itself cannot be seen. It is possible to attractively highlight plants using recessed floor lights in a flowerbed, for example. An exciting play of light and shadow is the creative result of a recessed floor light positioned beneath a flowerbed. Even a recessed spotlight with a frame can be hidden a bit more than usual as bark mulch is often used underneath beds. This can be easily placed over the outdoor light so that the light seemingly beams directly out of the soil. However, when planning recessed floor lights for highlighting, bear in mind that they must be connected to a mains supply for floor installation. Cables should be placed at least 60 cm under the soil so that they are not damaged by digging, for example. By the way: floor lights used in a pond must be suitable for use in water. Please consult an expert Please consult an expert when considering such lighting and have a look at our special underwater lamps.

Recessed spotlights for avoiding hazards

Recessed floor lights offer a great advantage when they are used to identify hazards. As already explained, the flush finish of the outside light to the floor avoids any danger of collision. This advantage is used equally on access roads, parking areas, paths and stairs. Vehicles will not collide with the light at all and pedestrians cannot trip on its frame. In the case of outdoor lights, the latter often comes in black as the light emitted often has a feel for the size of the respective light. It is of course still possible that a vehicle could drive onto one of these outdoor lights or a pedestrian could step on one. If the recessed floor light is used on surfaces which are driven or walked upon, ensure that the light is specified as one built to withstand these forces. Recessed lights have a maximum pressure load limit which could be easily be exceeded by a lorry. It is best to avoid this as the otherwise robust recessed light would not withstand this load. The advantage of a properly chosen product is clear, however. This advantage is that surfaces can be clearly defined by a recessed spotlight - this means that the borders are clearly recognisable. Recessed floor spotlights can also be used for identifying driveways so that lorry deliveries, for example, can take place on clearly identifiable access roads. This is comparable with runways at an airport.

Choosing the correct light bulb for recessed floor lights

While bulbs with E14 and E27 fittings are used for normal lights in the home, recessed outdoor spotlights are frequently fitted with GU10 reflector bulbs, which shine the light in a cone shaped beam and are especially bright. Although, halogen bulbs have been the first choice for use with recessed spotlights for a long time, you can easily swap out a halogen bulb for a more efficient, more durable  LED bulb. Changing the bulb of a recessed floor light used to be quite complicated. However LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, and therefore maintenance is reduced to a minimum. If you are deciding which recessed floor light to buy and don’t have any specific bulb preference, then you can use recessed LED lights from the beginning. The LED recessed floor light constitutes a fusion of LED bulb and light and will amaze with its excellent value for money. You will also clearly save money with LEDs; the light output is 100 Lumen per Watt of power used. That means that you need much less energy when using an LED bulb to get the same brightness as you would from a halogen bulb.

Which protection rating is sufficient for recessed floor lights?

There are regularly two protection ratings for recessed floor lights: IP67 and IP68. Lower protection ratings can simply not be allowed for this type of outside lighting as the lights are always exposed to moisture and foreign objects due to their position in the ground. To put it simply: thanks to gravity the ground and therefore the recessed floor light is exposed to rain, soil, dust, insects, snow and ice. Recessed floor lights can be protected relatively well if they are covered (e.g. in the entrance area of a house or on a terrace). Therefore, recessed floor lights can have lower protection ratings. However, if recessed floor lights are in danger of being exposed to water, only two protection ratings should be considered. Lights with an IP67 protection rating are protected against dust and temporary immersion. Lights with an IP68 protection rating are protected against constant immersion. This protection rating is also found in underwater lights for the garden pond.

Recessed floor lights of the highest quality from our house brand

With our own brand, we produce indoor and outdoor lights for every purpose. Our in-house test labs with high-performance measuring instruments ensure that we develop and manufacture outstanding products which our customers can enjoy for a long time. Our recessed floor lights are made of particularly high-quality materials and generally use the most up-to-date LED technology so that an excellent light, an excellent illumination and a high-quality housing can be combined into one great product. The products are also distinguished by fantastic value for money. In addition to recessed floor lights you can also find high-quality LED bulbs, plaster wall lights, pendant lights in a rustic country house style, bright ceiling lights as well as floor lamps and table lamps- all made in Germany–amongst the products from the brand. Discover our own brand here - or sign up to start receiving our free newsletter directly to your email inbox. If, on the other hand, you are interested in current decorating trends and enjoy getting enthusiastic about lights and everything to do with lighting, we would be happy to welcome you as a reader on our blog. In any case, we hope you have an exciting experience and find your personal dream light at!

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