Showcase the garden and create security with pillar lights

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Showcase your garden and provide security with pillar lights

Of all outdoor lights, the pillar light is most similar to the path light. Many manufacturers produce a range of lights including pillar lights, path lights and even candelabras and wall lights. A range like this allows for stylistically consistent outdoor lighting thanks to an identical design. If you have a wall light made of stainless steel, for example, you can combine it with other stainless steel lights. Thanks to its uniform design, a series of products makes lighting even more uniform. Pillar and path lights, in particular, are very similar; they illuminate paths, small steps and walls on the property as far as the entrance area, where the pillar lights provide perfect illumination for walking safely. Pillar lights are essentially smaller path lights - they are max. 70 cm in height.

Complement garden lighting with pillar lights

Pillar lights are an excellent way to complement garden lighting in various places. Perhaps you’ve thought that a wall in your garden or a balustrade would be the perfect place for an atmospheric light, similar to the ones you know of from the promenades of luxurious hotels on the Mediterranean coast, or like the ones you admired on your last holiday by the Baltic Sea, where sea water-resistant outdoor lights in a maritime design adorned the walls. Yet you’re still searching for the correct outdoor light for your own wall: a path light is much too high to be attractive, and you would like to enchant people using a decorative light, yet it doesn't shine the secure and formed beam of light you’re looking for. In this case, you can use a pillar light. At a lower height, it provides a strong light which illuminates and showcases the area well and also offers security in the immediate surroundings. Even on your own property, security plays an important role.

Save energy properly with pillar lights and outdoor lights in general

The bulb is what uses energy and therefore produces high costs in outdoor lights and pillar lights. You may have heard that the filament bulb can and should be replaced by modern bulbs, but it seems that finding the right bulb amongst the huge array of modern light bulbs is often not easy. In reality, the larger range of products and categories of bulbs offers the option of harmonising the light to your own needs and saving a lot in terms of costs. In any case, filament bulbs are hardly suitable for outdoor lighting as they only convert 5% of energy into light - the rest is converted into heat. In addition, you can only expect a lifetime of 1000 hours from filament bulbs. Planning on lighting up an area every night with a filament bulb? Then you’ll be changing the bulb frequently. The LED is the exact opposite in terms of energy efficiency and lifetime. LED bulbs have up to 50,000 operational hours and have a light output of up to 100 Lumen per Watt of power. Ultimately, the LED bulb achieves an energy saving of up to 90%. With LEDs, you can achieve constant illumination with pillar lights, path lights, pendant lights and wall lights without having to change the bulb frequently or fearing rising energy costs. But constant illumination is often not needed.

Illuminate with a pillar light only when needed

Motion detectors can be used so that the bulb of a pillar light - LED or not - only lights up when necessary. These detect movement outdoors based on a changing heat source - e.g. from a person who walks past the light, or from a car heading for the garage. The light is only switched on - completely automatically - when movement is detected. You yourself will admit that you don't always need lighting on the driveway, in the entrance area or on certain other parts of your property. Motion detectors provide an ideal solution here, particularly since by interrupting the operation of a bulb, they protect the bulb and therefore increase its lifetime. LEDs in combination with a motion detector also provide the best results. An LED achieves maximum brightness as soon as it is switched on and does not require a switch-on time, like energy saving bulbs, in order to achieve maximum brightness.

What design should I choose for my pillar light?

Before you decide on a design for your pillar light, make sure to choose the correct bulb for your purpose - and don't be afraid to contact us if you need a little help. Most pillar lights have a protection rating of at least IP44, which is sufficient for many weather conditions. However, in areas where heavy rain, snow and ice are a concern, you should select a higher degree of protection to ensure optimum safety during operation. Again, don't be afraid to ask an expert. Remember that outdoor lights work with electricity and that combining that with water can be very dangerous! So that lights can withstand the weather conditions, many of the materials used in construction are processed. Many modern LED pillar lights use stainless steel, but aluminium is also a frequently used metal. From our own brand,, you can get many products made of especially robust and high-grade plastic. Designed in black, this focuses ideally on the modelled light because in darkness, the pillar light itself takes a back seat. This also has the effect that whatever you want the pillar light to illuminate takes centre stage. This is a way to really showcase the garden. In addition to, more of our best brands, for example Steinel, are represented in the category of outdoor lights. Do you want to keep up-to-date with the ever-developing topic of outdoor lighting? Then don't forget to subscribe to our free newsletter and get information on the latest developments in terms of design and technology delivered straight to your inbox.

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