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The traditional idea of a pendant light is of a single bulb surrounded by a lampshade or a chandelier with a number of individually shaded bulbs. Allow us to introduce you to a whole new world at Lights.co.uk. Advanced LED technology has opened up a wealth of possibilities for pendant lighting, not only in terms of unique designs but also in terms of enhanced functionality and superior energy efficiency.

Pendant lights: more than just a source of illumination

A pendant light is not just a practical source of illumination. It hangs down into the field of vision and draws attention to itself. You simply can’t hide a pendant light under a bushel! They are almost like art, acting as a focus of attention in a room. Consequently, taking the time to select a pendant light that really works for you and your space is extremely important. A well-chosen, high-quality product can bring together your whole design scheme. A poorly chosen product can be a terrible distraction and impact the atmosphere of your room in a negative way.

Pendant lighting is a great addition to many different settings. Over a dinner table it can create a feeling of intimacy and comfort. The light hangs low over the centre of the table, creating a little world of light that holds the shadows at bay, adding to a unique and comforting atmosphere. Within it, diners feel a closeness and conviviality that encourages laughter and conversation and brings about joy and familiarity. In a spacious hallway with a tall ceiling, a pendant light can act as a unifying centrepiece, making the space feel less cavernous whilst simultaneously creating a sense of grandeur or spectacle. In a creative studio, a row of pendant spotlights can be an essential aid when you are engaged in detailed work – lighting can not only impact your mood but also your productivity. LED bulbs can give you the near-daylight illumination that you require in such conditions.

Whatever setting you might have in mind, you will certainly find an LED pendant light to suit your needs. We have a huge variety of designs available, each with its own particular visual appeal and choice of materials, and each exploiting the new possibilities of advanced LED lighting technology.

Using LEDs: simply smarter

One of the many advantages of LEDs is that you can use small bulbs to create precise zones of light, which can take many different forms. The creative possibilities are endless. In the LED pendant lighting category, you will find various products with large, unbroken fields of illumination, which create an almost clinical feel. Other products have lamp heads that consist of fascinating luminescent shapes – circles, squares and intersecting lines seemingly sculpted from light. In our large selection on Lights.co.uk, you will also see many LED light sources that more obviously resemble traditional bulbs. This more localised form of lighting has a drama all of its own. For example, when spotlights are used to highlight the features of a space.

The shapes and forms of the products in the range are also extremely varied. Some forms and shapes are traditional in appearance, with an explicit emphasis on classical design values. Think antique industrial-style lanterns and modernist lampshades with simple, clean lines. Some products, by contrast, really push the limits of modern design. Imagine a pendant light that consists of an array of glass globes, each containing granules that sparkle and luminesce in the light from a single LED! This is not only an eye-catcher; it will spark conversations among visitors too. There is also a group of products in the range of LED pendant lighting that take stripped-down minimalism to a whole new level. They consist of little more than intersecting geometric shapes, elegantly poised in the air.

High-quality materials and designs

A wide variety of materials have been used to create the products we offer in our online shop: slick chrome, flawless cut glass, glowing copper, textured fabric and many more. Some LED pendant lighting solutions have a richly sensuous look, with a gold-coloured finish, for example, while others are plain, cool and understated with moulded white components. In between you will find glamorous crystal, industrial brushed metal, cosy fabric and many other textures. In other words, in the LED pendant lighting range, you can certainly find a product to suit just about any environment. For a cosy restaurant, you might choose pendant lights with a contemporary look, executed in warm, natural materials like copper or wood to ensure an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort. For a chic modern gallery, you might prefer a simpler, more classically modernist product in a material such as polished chrome. This understated form of lighting will gently blend into the background, making your art pieces the well-deserved centre of attention. For a living room, a single lamp head with a honey-coloured fabric lampshade might be just the thing.

Materials and designs really only come to life when light passes through them or rests on surfaces. Light can become softer or harsher depending on the materials used. Consequently, choosing just the right materials is a key factor in setting a mood with light. Many of the products in the pendant lighting range also let you dim the light level artificially. If you have dimmers as part of your existing environment, it is important to note that not all of our LED pendant lights will be compatible. Be sure to read the product details carefully and select a dimmable product.

Highlight important features of your room with groups of spotlights

In the LED pendant lighting range we have various products that consist of groups of spotlights. These give yet another dimension to the possibilities of pendant lighting. They can be used to pick out important features in your space, almost like a stage set. In a living room, you could have each of the spots trained on a different piece of wall art. In a dining room, you might wish to illuminate each of the place settings on the table.

LED lighting is a technology very much in tune with the needs of the modern age. It consumes as much as 90 % less energy than traditional lighting, according to some estimates. As with so many environmentally-friendly technologies, the benefits are felt not only in the health of the planet but in your wallet too. Another financial advantage is that LED bulbs are extremely robust. They don’t break as easily due to accidental drops or knocks and rarely require replacement under normal working conditions.

Forget about power-hungry light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs are classified in terms of their power consumption (wattage). The greater their wattage, the brighter they are. But because LED bulbs are all generally low-energy, it makes no sense to use their power consumption as a measure of their brightness. Instead, the brightness of LED bulbs is measured in terms of an absolute value, called ‘lumens’. If you consult the details of some of the products in the pendant lighting range, you will see that a single-bulb product can have a lumen value as low as 250. A product with many lamp heads can have a lumen value of several thousands.

Another benefit of the low energy consumption of LED bulbs is the fact that they tend to become much less hot when they are working. That doesn’t mean to say that they don’t generate heat at all. In fact, it is important not to insert LED bulbs into a light fitting that wasn’t designed for them, because the bulbs require a special arrangement which dissipates the heat. Even though, as we have seen, LED bulbs need to be replaced much less often, it is possible that you might have to handle them, for example, when changing the position of spotlights. Consequently, a cooler bulb is a better solution. There might also be a safety gain compared to traditional bulbs.

Browse the products in the pendant lighting range and you will see that LED lights have sockets of various types. They are identified by a code such as G4 or E14. Correspondingly, the bulbs also have various types of base, characterised by different pins or a screw base. The E14 socket is generally considered to be more energy efficient than others. So selecting a product of this type would be a great way of optimising your energy efficiency. Most of our products come with bulbs, but if you do require spares, you should take care to buy bulbs with the correct base.

The LED pendant lighting range gives you a huge selection of designs to choose from. Whether you choose something ultra-modern in appearance, or comfortingly historical, something gorgeously rich or plain and simple, each of our pendant lights has the potential to act as an eye-catching point of interest bringing the design elements of your space together. By choosing an LED product, you will also benefit from the latest energy-efficient technology, which is better for the planet but also better for your budget.

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