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Our range of LED ceiling lights combines supreme practicality with design flair. We invite you to browse through the products in this category and get a feel for what is possible with the help of the latest lighting technologies.

The advantages of LED ceiling lights are clear. LEDs consume far less energy than traditional lamps – some estimates say up to 90 % less. In this age of environmental awareness and rising energy bills every bit of help is welcome. LEDs also don’t break as easily, even when knocked or dropped accidentally, and they generally need to be replaced much less often. In financial and environmental terms, they really are hard to beat.

Another reason to choose LED ceiling lights is that the bulbs do not become as hot when switched on. This makes them somewhat safer, especially if you have to handle them. It is important to bear in mind that LED bulbs should never be inserted into lighting products that are not designed for that purpose. To be suitable for LED bulbs, the bulb housing must be designed to dissipate heat in a particular way. So, in order to take advantage of the cost savings offered by LED bulbs, select your lighting products from our LED range only.

The benefits of LED ceiling lights in a nutshell

in terms of LED technology, LED ceiling lights provide the following main benefits:

  • LED ceiling lights are energy-saving as they can consume up to 90% less energy.
  • LED ceiling lamps are more resident than traditional light bulbs which tend to break quite easily when being dropped.
  • LED ceiling lights are safer because they don’t become very hot.

LED ceiling lighting: What stands ‘lumen’ for?

Another feature of LED bulbs that you may not be familiar with is the method of measuring brightness. In the past traditional lamps only had a value expressed in watts. This is actually an indication of power consumption that was used in the past to roughly indicate the level of brightness. This is no longer the case with LED bulbs. Their brightness is expressed in terms of ‘lumens’. In the product details of each LED ceiling light, which is delivered with LED bulbs, we have indicated the lumen value for the bulb/s. This value is not an indication of power consumption – all LED bulbs use comparatively little power. It is purely an indication of the brightness of the light

Selecting the right base type

As with other lighting technologies, an important factor to bear in mind when selecting an LED light is the base of the bulb used with the light. There are several different base types available, which are differentiated either by the use of a screw base or by bayonet connectors, each of which come in various shapes and/or sizes. The product details of our lights will specify which type of bulb should be used with the light, such as G4 or E14 bulbs for example. The E14 base is considered to be particularly energy-efficient. Whichever type of bulb your product includes, you should, of course, make sure to purchase spare LED bulbs with the right base.

Learn about various LED ceiling light designs

Our LED ceiling light range is not just about practicality. We have a huge variety of designs, each with distinctive visual characteristics. When it comes to creating a particular atmosphere in a room, the look of your LED ceiling light fittings is extremely important. They may not be consciously noticed but their appearance will subtly contribute to the feel of your home or business premises. To start with, lamp heads come in many different shapes and sizes. The range includes spotlights on one or more bars, strip lights arranged into abstract designs, ring-shaped lamp heads and many other forms. The number of lamp heads incorporated in each product varies greatly – from a single zone of light to a glamorous constellation. We even have products that can give you an unbroken area of illumination

The designers have really unleashed their imaginations when crafting the physical forms of our LED ceiling lights. There is something for every environment and taste: elaborate or plain, glamorous or utilitarian, ultra-modern or antique, curvaceous or angular, natural or industrial. If you are feeling really creative and want to design your own lighting installation, you might consider using LED strips, which can be freely installed around a space.

State of the art technology in LED ceiling lamps

In addition to the materials and the finish, the quality of the light created by a product is, of course, also important. LED bulbs have undergone a great deal of development in recent years and are capable of creating a warm, homely light, as well as a brighter and colder effect. The light emitted by the bulb itself can also be modified by certain features of the light, such as a lampshade or diffuser. In some of our products, LED bulbs have been combined with halogen bulbs to give you the possibility of creating different moods. All you need to do is adjust the settings via the product controls.

In the case of products that include spotlights you obviously have the possibility of adjusting the position of each lamp head. This can be an extremely useful way of creating dramatic lighting effects. In a kitchen, for example, you could use one spotlight to pick out the hob. Another could be trained on the work surface where you prepare food and a third could highlight an attractive feature such as a group of display items.

Whether you are looking for ceiling lights for residential or commercial settings, in an intimate space or a public venue, you will certainly find a product to create just the effect you want. We even have a selection of products for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. You can’t help but smile when you see their cheery and colourful designs. Whether you are looking for a football LED ceiling lamp for your six-year-old or an enchanting cloud ceiling light for your newborn. Lights.co.uk offers a large selection of lighting solutions for your small one’s bedroom, playroom or nursery.

In addition to practicality and good looks, there is another factor that sets apart our range of LED ceiling lights: ingenuity. In other words, those clever features that make life just a little bit easier or open up aesthetic possibilities you never previously considered.

Do you want to discover more? Lights.co.uk offers a large and versatile range of ceiling lights.

Change your light settings from the comfort of your chair

Browse through our range and you will find many products that benefit from remote control. This will enable you not only to turn your lighting on and off but also to change its settings from the comfort of your chair. This way you can comfortably adjust your lighting while enjoying your evening with a book and a refreshing beverage on your couch. Depending on the capabilities of the particular product, the settings available might include dimming the general light level and adjusting the colour and quality of the light. For example, a restaurant might require a warm and convivial light in the evening but in the morning cleaning staff might prefer near daylight illumination.

Incidentally, it is important to remember that not all of our LED ceiling lights are compatible with dimmers so be careful to select a dimmable product if you have dimmers as part of your existing environment. For bathrooms or environments where you find airborne moisture or dirt, it is important that you take note of the IP rating mentioned in the details of each ceiling lamp. This figure indicates the degree of protection provided against dirt and other foreign substances, including water. This is mainly a safety issue: only lights designed for this purpose should be used in moisture-prone environments.

LED ceiling lights with a built-in motion detector

For environments that are visited frequently but only for short periods of time you should consider one of our LED ceiling lights with a built-in motion detector. The light will come on when it senses that someone is in the room and go off after a set period of time without movement. You alone decide how long the lights stay on for. This has positive advantages for energy efficiency and convenience. You might consider this kind of product for storage rooms, where visitors will often have their hands full and be unable to deal with light switches.

It is ingenious features like these that set our lighting products apart from the crowd.

By choosing LED technology, which conveniently consumes far less power, you will benefit from noticeable financial savings from day one. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are personally contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet. The fact that LED bulbs are low-maintenance will have budget benefits in the long run as well. And with so many inspiring designs on offer on Lights.co.uk, many with built-in adjustability features, you simply can’t fail to find a product for your needs.

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