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Indoor lighting comes in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, forms and functions. That is only to be expected. After all, the diversity of our indoor spaces is huge – as broad as the scope of human activity. From offices to bedrooms and from waiting rooms to kitchens, each different space and each type of usage presents us with different lighting challenges. In a stock room, you need bright overhead LED lights that fit flush with the ceiling, giving maximum ambient light with minimum potential for knocking and breaking the light housings. In a bathroom you need lighting with water-resistant capabilities, and perhaps also the ability to highlight attractive features of the space. In a creative workspace you probably need spotlights to give maximum illumination for detailed work. In a hallway you might choose to make a statement with bold or richly designed pendant lighting. Every room has its own requirements, and all of them are well served by our indoor lighting range.

Flexible lighting solutions for flexible needs

The sheer variety of products in the indoor lighting range is also due to another factor: we want our spaces to be as flexible as possible, serving a number of different purposes. This is true of most spaces we use, to one extent or another, but particularly true of our homes. To achieve maximum flexibility, it is important to have a variety of different light sources in each room, and bring them into use as needed. For example, when the dining room is being used for an intimate dinner, we would probably want to rely on wall lighting and perhaps table lamps, creating a cosy atmosphere with warm low-level light. But when the children are doing their homework at the same dining table, we are more likely to need bright illumination from a ceiling light or pendant lighting.

Having a number of different lighting options in one room can help with another common problem: what to do when people need to do different things in the same space. As we all know, this is a perennial feature of family life: someone wants to go to sleep while their partner wants to carry on reading, for example. You will find a fantastic selection of table lamps, standard lamps and spotlights that provide localised lighting suitable for various purposes.

Spotlights: practical and aesthetic

Having different lighting options in the same room is one approach to flexibility. Another approach is to use lighting products that can be easily adjusted. Spotlights are the most obvious example of this. In a setting such as a shop or a kitchen, you could aim a spot at any location where work often takes place, whether that is a kitchen hob or a cash desk. There is an aesthetic as a well as a practical case for the use of spotlights. They make an excellent way of picking out important items: shelves of display items, a montage of family pictures, the place settings around a table. In fact, just about everything comes to life in a magical way when highlighted by a spotlight of just the right intensity.

Modern dimmers with remote controls

Dimmable lighting is another option for achieving greater flexibility. Traditional dimmers have been around for quite a few decades now, but, as you will see if you browse the interior lighting range, there have been technological developments in recent years. These days, you can control a variety of different light settings, including dimming, from the comfort of your chair. This is possible thanks to the introduction of remote controls. Modern remotes often have a sophisticated interface that gives you detailed control over settings such as light colour as well as lighting level. The fact that the new control devices use radio signals to communicate with lighting products means you don’t even have be within sight of them.

The advent of LED bulbs has also contributed to the flexible lighting phenomenon. Depending on your lighting product, the bulbs may be capable of providing different light colours. It is important to note, however, that not all LED bulbs are compatible with old style dimmer switches. So, if dimmers are part of your existing set-up, be sure to select an indoor light product that definitely works with them. Check out product descriptions in the indoor lighting pages for details.

Create the atmosphere of a place

Lighting products are not purely functional items. They can be considered pieces of furniture, just like any chair or table, and their appearance contributes greatly to the overall look and feel of a room. That is not to say they should always be objects of contemplation in their own right. Sometimes, their contribution to the interior design of a room will almost be totally unconscious. Hardly anyone will ever look at them closely or scrutinise their appearance. Nevertheless, their qualities will lodge themselves in the minds of everyone who comes into that space. We sometimes take light for granted, but it does more than anything else to create the atmosphere of a place – it determines how we see other things. Your choice of lighting products has a big effect on that. If the light comes from a traditional bulb it will have a warm feel to it. If you are using LED bulbs, the light could be (but doesn’t have to be) colder and brighter, giving more clarity and definition to the colours of objects. If the light from your bulbs passes through a fabric shade, the effect created can be like a homely glow. If your lighting incorporates crystalline or cut glass elements, you will experience a sparkling, refracted effect that can give a rather glamorous feel to the room.

But interior lighting has an important role to play even when it is not switched on. Every lighting product is the result of a designer’s attempts to create a pleasing object. They have a visual presence all of their own, just as objects. So, they need to be in keeping with your overall decorative scheme. The interior lighting range has products that correspond to a great many recognisable styles or design movements. That includes everything from highly decorative chandeliers with a nineteenth-century Romantic feel to moulded plastic lamps that possess the stripped down simplicity of classic modernism.

Incidentally, just because a product has the hallmarks of a historical period, you should not assume that it is technologically unsophisticated. Among our large selection of lighting solutions, the interior lighting range offers many products with a period feel that also benefit from up-to-date features such as remote control and energy saving LED bulbs.

However, most of the products in the range can’t be described in terms of stylistic movement – they have a style all of their own. You will find items that create a glamorous impression and items that are inspired by the raw beauty of industrial objects, and just about everything in between. Choice of materials is, of course, a big factor in the visual impression that a lighting product creates: chrome for a chic, modern effect, wood and fabric for a homely vibe, brushed metal for a machine aesthetic, the list goes on. Discover our large selection of indoor lighting – we are sure that you will be able to find your new favourite piece among our lighting solutions.

Choosing the right size

Size is another important characteristic that determines the overall impact of an interior lighting product. In certain settings, such as galleries, where the art works are meant to be the focus of attention, you may wish to minimise the size of your lights. But in other settings it can be appropriate to use lighting as an eye-catching visual feature – a conversation piece almost. For example, in a hall or atrium with a high ceiling, you might wish to choose a product that pushes the boundaries of design somewhat, and perhaps makes use of materials that create a striking impression, particularly when illuminated. How about an elegant crystal chandelier or an impressive chandelier reminiscent of waterfalls? There are almost no limits to lighting – your ideas paired with our selection will create a unique atmosphere in your home.

There are literally thousands of items to choose from in the interior lighting range at, but it is well worth taking the time to search carefully through them, filtering the list if necessary to find what you are specifically looking for. We are positive that you will find the right piece among our large and comprehensive selection of beautiful lighting solutions. The importance of choosing the right lighting products for your space is not to be underestimated. Get it right and you can transform the way people feel when they enter the room, and possibly the feelings they carry away with them too. Whether you are sourcing lights for an office or a bedroom, a restaurant or a bathroom, it is surely desirable to create an environment that leaves people feeling better for having been there. That is the power of interior lighting!

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