Fit inside and outside lights with R7s LED bulbs

The job of R7s LED bulbs is to equip lights with an R7s fitting with energy-efficient bulbs, thereby saving costs and protecting the environment. R7s fitting are mainly found in outdoor and indoor lights which efficiently illuminate large areas like buildings with high power consumption and a correspondingly high lighting current. They also provide flood lighting in halls, as well as safety lighting and maximum light performance in the form of work lights. Until now, only halogen lighting technology has been suitable for meeting these high demands. Bulbs with 1000 and 2000 Watt power consumption are amongst the most powerful bulbs - and the most costly. With better energy efficiency, it would be possible to make huge cost savings with this form of lighting and to ensure long-term protection for the environment with longer-lasting bulbs thanks to lower waste generation and lower CO2 emissions. If the correct approach is taken with R7s LED bulbs, lighting with LEDs is the most energy-efficient and durable lighting available on the market. Interested in the advantages of this lighting technology in general? Then we warmly recommend our free LED infographic to you.


Different length versions of the R7s LED bulbs for a large usage spectrum

Lights with an R7s fitting are used not just outside but also inside, for example in different wall lights for the living room and entrance hall. Due to the large number of usage areas and the different lighting currents necessary (a wall light in the living room doesn't need to match the performance of a spotlight for building lighting), R7s bulbs are produced in different lengths and dimensions. It is important here to pay attention to the correct model for your new light bulb. If you already have a light and want to buy a new bulb, pay attention not just to the Wattage required, but also to the dimensions of the new bulb so that you can use your new bulb at home. If you buy a new light with an R7s fitting at, we will offer you this service. For each of our products, we will give you matching bulb suggestions so that the laborious process of finding the right bulb is done away with.


R7s LED bulbs for inside lights - savings potential for private households

Lights with an R7s fitting, which is designed for domestic use, are characterised by their low power consumption. This was no different with halogen technology. R7s LED bulbs, however, achieve the same brightness as halogen bulbs with lower energy consumption. The higher purchase costs of the LED bulb soon pay for themselves with regular usage, since the LED bulb is also significantly more durable. You can get precise details on individual LED bulbs in the product details of the individual bulbs; in particular under "Lighting current in Lumen" (the brightness achieved), "Power consumption" and "Average lifetime". With R7s LED bulbs, a great savings potential is created for households which use the corresponding lights. R7s fittings are not that rare. Many wall lights with indirect light use this bulb to generate excellent background brightness thanks to the reflection of the light on walls and ceilings. Not sure whether and how you can save with LEDs? Our expert customer service team will happily advise you - contact us today!


Light qualities of halogen and R7s LED bulbs

The 100% colour rendering is a special characteristic of halogen bulbs. This ensures that the colours from objects being illuminated appear as they do under real daylight conditions. Poor colour rendering is noticeable particularly when lighting food - be it on a meat counter or on a dining table at home - as well as when illuminating clothes at home or in a fashion shop. Colours look bland and grey; food looks tasteless, and clothing lacklustre. Paying attention to a high colour rendering index for your new light bulb is essential. With high-quality R7s LED bulbs, you can get an average colour rendering of Ra 80, which makes for very good colours. As well as the colour rendering value, the light colour is also relevant. High-quality R7s LED bulbs mimic the warm white light colour of halogen bulbs and, with a colour temperature of around 3000 Kelvin, come so close to halogen bulbs that you can look forward to a pleasant cosy light for your living room with your new light bulbs.


R7s LED bulbs as a retrofit solution

R7s LED bulbs are so-called retrofits. This means that they are designed for a special fitting (R7s, in this case) and replace the once-common lighting technology (in the case of R7s, this was halogen) with a more energy-efficient technology (LED, in this case). LED bulbs are designed so that no adapter or the like is needed. The new LED bulb can (with appropriately adjusted values) be used in the old fitting, and the functionality is ensured without any additional accessories. You will enjoy this advantage not just with R7s LED bulbs, but with retrofits in general. The once only commercially available E27 filament bulbs, for example, can be perfectly replaced by retrofits, enabling cost savings of between 80% and 90%. Get additional savings advantages, for example with G9 LED bulbs or E14 LED bulbs.


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