Safely find your way through the garden to your house with path lights

Safely find your way through the garden with path lights.

Along with outdoor lighting and pedestal lamps, path lights have a special place amongst outdoor lights. Path lights are also known as bollard lights, and are practical as well as decorative.

Paths are a central element of the garden. Paths lead from the entrance, through the premises to the house and often cross varying levels of ground. Garden paths can also be uneven. During the day, walking along a path is no problem - the pavement is clearly distinguishable from the lush green lawn and the flowerbeds. At night however, everything is dark: the lawn, the path, the flowerbed and any uneven bits. The garden can become a source of many accidents. This risk shouldn’t be underestimated. Often, one false step is enough to land you at best in a flowerbed, or at worst in hospital with a sprained ankle. So in order to walk safely throughout your property, the various paths should be well lit.

The path light: it’s not just a matter of style.

When choosing garden lights, style often plays a crucial role, just as in the living room, bedroom or other space inside the house. A stylishly chosen light can make the garden a place to be proud of. There are also path lights in a country house style. Different designers have specialised in creating designer lights which can assume the task of a path light. They are however more suited to impress visitors with an unusual design, which they succeed at magnificently. Specialists in outdoor lighting, however, design path lights to be practical. The stainless steel light, or one made of aluminium, is the best-known and most popular product in this category. Therefore, with’s own brand, you can be sure to find high  excellent materials and advanced technology.

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The perfect modern path light is between 60 and 150 cm tall. It has a round or square shape and can have either a focused light or one that shines in all directions. A focused light beam has the advantage that the path can be lit directly whilst the remaining area of the property can be left dark,  providing optimum guidance along paths. A light which shines in all directions has the advantage that it doesn't just illuminate the path, but also the immediate surroundings. This can be answered using a stylistic question. Round areas of light also overlap slightly - this is necessary for comprehensive illumination of a path. and other leading manufacturers combine different material like robust plastic, weather-resistant stainless steel and solid aluminium with subtle colours like black, anthracite, silver or grey. A further requirement for outdoor use is a high protection rating, known as IP. Depending on the position of the lights on the property, weather conditions can lead to considerable contact between dampness and electricity. High-quality construction is an absolute priority here.

The proper bulb for bollard lights

Path lights only have a single light beam, so selecting the correct bulb is important when safety is a priority. There are still path lights which have an E27 fitting for 40 or 60 W incandescent bulbs (also known as filament bulbs), but these have slowly been coming off the market. This bulb is old-fashioned and has long since been replaced by better alternatives. In this instance, "better" refers to bulbs which are more energy efficient, less susceptible to outages and generate significant cost and power savings for the user. Since energy-saving bulbs require a switch-on time to achieve maximum brightness, they are not suitable for many path lights, primarily bollard lights with motion detectors, for reasons that will be explained shortly. You are much better off with an LED bulb. An LED has 50 times the lifetime of a filament bulb, the highest brightness possible as soon as it's switched on, consumes up to 90% less energy, and is mercury-free. These advantages make the LED a first-choice bulb for a path light. Many manufacturers have already recognised this and use pre-installed LEDs in their products. However, even if you have older models which are fitted with the standard E27 or E14 fittings, you can still use LED bulbs and benefit from the advantages of this lighting technology without having to get rid of your beloved bollard lights.

Bollard lights with special characteristics: motion detectors and solar power

Energy saving bulbs have a longer switch-on time and are therefore rarely suitable for use in path lights with a motion detector. The motion detector ensures that the light only switches on when there is someone in the immediate vicinity. This means a path is illuminated only when someone is walking along it. In the case that a light has a longer switch-on time, however, the person walking along the path could be gone before any light beam is there to guide them. For this reason, LED light bulbs are the better choice for products with motion sensors, since these also have a high switching capacity, meaning they can safely switch on and off multiple times in a row, so it doesn't matter if you walk down a path more than once in a short period of time. Motion detectors in outside lights are often infra-red sensors. If you are interested in the different types of motion detectors available, then we invite you to learn more about this innovative technology in our extensive guidebook. Another high-quality technology is solar technology, in which the energy required for operation comes directly from the sun. A light with solar technology means: no laying power cables, no connecting to the main electricity grid– and no electricity costs! Any kind of light can now be a solar light: wall lights, spotlights for garage entrances or even bollard lights. You are particularly guaranteed high-quality outdoor lighting with the brand Steinel which ideally combines all of these technologies. It's worth browsing the novelties amongst the products from – and while you’re at it, have a look at our current offers.

Showcase your garden with path lights

Decorative bollard lights are - compared to other garden lights - extremely rare (and this is precisely why they are so charming). It is much more likely that you do not want to attract attention to the product itself, but to the light which it emits. After all, illuminating paths is something you can use in the dark to present your property in an attractive way and to give it structure. A correctly-placed bollard light illuminates both the path and the surrounding area, and helps create a central theme which turns your garden into a real experience, even in the dark. This is because it is not just indoor, but also outdoor lighting which contributes to overall living style, and path lighting plays a crucial role here too. Are you curious? Then don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest expert tips on lighting and more in our blog, including new products, innovative technologies and attractive offers. We look forward to welcoming you!

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