Create security and showcase your property with outdoor wall lights

Just like wall lights for living rooms are located on the walls of rooms, outside wall lights are located on the façade of a building.

Illuminating a façade has two important functions: on one hand, it is job of these lights to ensure safety by providing paths, building boundaries and the like with very good lighting.
On the other hand, it is the job of the outdoor wall light to make the property visible so that it is showcased in the darkness and appears high-quality. The importance of these tasks differs depending on whether it is a private property, a rented or self-owned house, a company building or a shop in the city centre.

Since illuminating commercial sites brings a different design of the lights and the different categories of lamps and lights varies, we at have put lights for use in commerce in a separate place.
Our regular outdoor wall lights offer you a variety of designs and unique light quality so that you can completely redesign your property in your style and illuminate it securely.

Outside and inside wall lights: a stylistic difference

In living rooms, a wall light is an element of decoration which will be seen by any visitor thanks to the fact that it's mounted at viewing height. This gives this category of lights a rich selection of different styles. Styles like crystal, maritime, Mediterranean or different designer lights allow the owner to fully identify with their lights. Products from well-known designers like Flos, Tecnolumen, Menzel or Kolarz are also a personal item of value which brings its own luxury and exquisite ambience into the living room. The styles mentioned, however, are less in demand in the garden. For good reason: the outdoor wall light is exposed to a variety of weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice, as well as bright sunshine all year round. Pendant lights in Florentine style with filigree foliage made of glass? A storm would be enough to severely damage this product. Table lights with a fabric shade? No chance when it's raining. In contrast to inside lights, outdoor lights generally and outside wall lights specifically must be selected precisely in terms of material, protection rating (at least IP44 for a normal outside wall light, or higher depending on the positioning of the light), protection class and also the bulbs used. That makes it necessary to dispose of a bit of style, however that does not mean that outside designer lights can't be particularly effective. They are constructed completely differently to inside lights. Popular styles for the garden are the classic style, the country house style and of course the modern style.

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Outside wall lights with a stylish design

Each private property suits the taste of the owner. Admittedly, the outside wall light should not defy style, but must be chosen in such a way that it does not cause inconsistency in style. Outside wall lights can also ensure that a uniform style is not only maintained, but also reinforced. For example with a "classic" style wall light which evokes the image of a lantern with its nostalgic design. In this case, lights with copper or brass, which are particularly elegant and produce a special visual effect on the house wall thanks to the glittery metal are popular. The more simple the design of the frame, where the classic lantern still gives charm to the design, the more the product will be attractive for a country house style, particularly if the product is designed in a dark brown or a simple anthracite. Modern outside wall lights, which follow a straight line in their frame, are grey, silvery grey, black and white, are simple and elegant, have square or round casing and integrate easily into a modern style. You don't have to decide on one of these colours, but can choose a product which is very high-quality thanks to its material alone: stainless steel. This weather-resistant material is however just one of the materials popular in outside lights. Others are aluminium, glass and of course plastic, which with particularly high-quality processing - and technology - provides quality light in an elegant black. Brands like and Steinel are a very good choice for high-quality products outdoors. In addition to visually faultless processing, the technology used for the light is also sufficient here.

The proper light bulbs for outdoor wall lights

For many people, outdoor wall lights should fulfill the condition of being energy efficient more than inside lights. Whereas you want to relax, read and work in the living room with the best light, light in the garden is more practical for many. And you're much less prepared to incur costs for electricity for practical things than for things which serve as a background to free time activities. The outdoor wall light responds to this call and uses high-quality bulbs so that the electricity costs can be kept to a minimum. In fact, the choice of the correct bulb barely differs from the choice for inside lights. It is very important to note that the filament bulb is used very rarely to illuminate a property. This bulb has too short a service life and is too cost intensive in its use to provide good light on a property. Recently, the LED bulb overtook every other bulb. When used properly, this light source keeps for years and consumes around 90% less power than the filament bulb. Thus save up to 90% costs with LED light. A few Watts power consumption and an excellent light output go hand in hand here. The energy saving bulb is very economical for use in outside wall lights as well as bollard lights and other outdoor lights. However, energy saving bulbs require a certain time to shine with maximum brightness. While the LED shines maximum brightness immediately, there's a delay here. This can make it necessary to choose another bulb, or change to an LED outdoor wall light or an LED bulb for outdoor wall lights with a motion detector.

Outdoor wall lights with special technology

In outside wall lights, motion detectors in general ensure that the light is only turned on if needed. In the special case of outdoor wall lights, this refers to the person approaching the house entrance. So that they don't trip up on steps and don't get a sprained ankle as a result, the light is turned on to achieve optimum visibility. If the danger of accident has passed and there is no longer anyone in the entrance area, the light is turned off again, which protects the bulb and thus saves energy. Outside lights with a motion detector, which also applies for path lights, also help to illuminate areas which are not for showcasing the garden only when needed and to otherwise hide them in the darkness of the night. Lights with a twilight sensor are also useful in the outdoor lighting sector. The sensor ensures that light is turned on automatically during darkness or a motion detector only turns the light on not just when someone who needs the light is there, but also when it is dark enough for light to even be necessary.

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