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Outdoor pendant lights are the equivalent to pendant lights for the living room, bedroom or dining room. The latter of these hanging lights are amongst the most popular and most varied indoor lights. There are hanging lights in various different styles from classic to country house as well as modern versions and special tastes such as the tessellated and beautiful Tiffany style. Initially you wouldn't expect to see pendant lights outdoors. This is because this kind of light is normally attached to the ceiling, of course. Since the ceiling of a garden is the open sky, placing a ceiling light outdoors seems at first impossible.

But of course, there are opportunities for placing such a product outdoors, namely on a covered terrace or a covered balcony. Since these places are very attractive places on a property, as they are easily seen by everyone, hanging lights in this area provide particularly attractive highlights. A hanging light outdoors is in itself something special. It's only right then that it stylistically suits the taste of the owner and exudes its light from an impressive lampshade.

The outdoor pendant light in your personal style

The big advantage of pendant lights outside is that they are located under a roof (terrace or balcony). This means that they are frequently saved from severe weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. This is precisely why the design of an outdoor pendant light can be more varied than the design of a path light, for example, the frame of which must withstand all weather conditions. In addition, the lampshade offers countless options in design, for example, as a nostalgic lantern in brass, old brass or another colour like anthracite, black or white. A nautical-looking ship's bell, with a bulb illuminating in its bulky interior, is a clear eye-catcher, but a modern hanging light outside can impress as well - for example in glittering copper, a current trend in furnishings. Of course, pendant lights are still hung on a pendant, which means that strong winds will make it swing if it is not protected against the wind once mounted. The outdoor pendant light should therefore not have any delicate little parts, made of glass for example, as these could break easily. It is striking that the lights in this category appear rather compact, are solidly constructed (often made of aluminium) and are often associated with the country house style thanks to a colour such as brown and a rustic-style frame. Constructed in a similar fashion, only more simply - i.e. square or round in design - are modern outdoor lights in chrome or stainless steel.

Outdoor pendant lights will arouse interest from neighbours.

Pendant lights easily attract attention - regardless of which style you end up choosing. Outdoor hanging lights achieve this effect because they illuminate on their own - and light attracts people's attention. Arousing someone's interest is the first step towards making a positive impression. "What an elegant property," is what people will say about your house. Quickly followed by: "I'd like that too!" Your neighbour will be pleasantly surprised and perhaps a bit envious. If the rest of the garden is just as well showcased, then their enthusiasm will know no bounds. Imagine how proud you will be once you have decided on your outdoor lighting! Your enthusiasm too will know no bounds and you will enjoy the feeling of owning an especially attractive property. You can achieve this with an outdoor pendant light in your colours, your style and your design. Once you have identified your taste, you might be interested in outdoor decorative lights, new, secure and beautiful illumination for your paths or extravagant outdoor designer lights. The possibilities are endless! Want to take advantage of these options later? Then subscribe to our free newsletter and get up-to-date tips straight to your inbox.

Relax in the light of an individual pendant light

So far, there has been a lot of discussion on how other people will be inspired by your new lighting. However, what is more important is that you yourself are inspired by your outdoor lights. That will not be too difficult, however, when you sit cosily on your terrace or balcony on a warm summer evening or a pleasant autumn day and spend an enjoyable evening under the best light with your family and friends. Perhaps you will play a party game on the table, play cards or have a barbecue and enjoy your delicacies, just as you would in your dining room indoors. All of this makes it possible for you to have an outdoor hanging light which is in no way inferior to an indoor light. The outdoor pendant light is usually a very good choice for lighting a dining table or games table as with its opaque lampshade, the light places the area it illuminates in centre stage. No other outdoor light can achieve this, not even ceiling lights, which shine their light in all directions instead of just emphasising the table specifically. Choosing the correct bulbs for your outdoor lights, particularly the outdoor pendant light, is vital in order for you to really dine, relax and enjoy yourselfin the very best light.

Save and enjoy with the correct bulb for your outdoor pendant light

The right bulb delivers optimal light quality and helps you keep electricity costs low. You don't need a great lighting design to achieve the best in light quality. Light quality is based on colour rendering for reproducing food in natural and non-bland colours, according to the brightness, so that you don't end up sitting in too weak a light and light colour meaning it feels particularly comfortable and not too clinical on your terrace or balcony. So that the bulbs don't incur you high energy costs, choose a bulb with a long lifetime so that you rarely have to swap it for a new one. Also, choose one with a high light output - i.e. the brightness achieved per Watt of power used. If you want to have all of these advantages at the same time, it's best to choose a high-quality LED bulb with good colour rendering, a decent brightness, a warm-white light colour, a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and a light output of more than 100 Lumen per Watt. You can get such high-quality bulbs from top brands like Philips, Osram and,'s own brand. Benefit from the years of experience of customer demands and the knowledge of the most up-to-date technological achievements in the field of lighting. It is precisely these values which are incorporated into the production of the high-quality bulbs and lights from Save energy and live outdoors in your second living room - with your outdoor pendant lights.

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