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Before designer lights for outdoors are put under the microscope, it should be noted that outdoor lights often serve to provide optimal lighting conditions for ensuring that false steps and resulting accidents are reduced. Spotlights provide a safe drive into the garage, path lights provide safe visual guidance throughout the property without tripping over unexpected steps, and wall lights provide lighting for the facade and the entrance area - after all, you want to be able to find the keyhole. You've surely also heard about small decorative lights for the garden, such as illuminating spheres or solar lights in the shape of amusing characters. The latter are used to express a bit of your personality on your property.

If you like it romantic, a warm light with a rattan frame will resonate with you, whilst a fan of garden gnomes will scatter these crazy companions across their lawn. And of course, garden lighting and illumination of the property can be more than just bright. Just as indoors, where the design of exquisite lights attracts the attention of visitors, you can work with an attention-grabbing light outside in order to completely wow passers-by and guests alike. Because what stands out from the darkness of night more than light? For a long time, private and commercial users have taken the option of enhancing their premises with an extremely classy outdoor lighting product: a high-quality designer light for the outdoor area

What makes outdoor designer lighting particularly effective?

Everyone expects to see different light sources at night on private properties and on the street: street lights, bollard lights, candelabras and wall lights. In almost all cases, the product itself takes a back seat, whilst the illumination - or more precisely, the area within the light - makes up the actual value of these lights. The focus on a high-quality and perhaps also highlighting light is not only legitimate, but also desirable as this is how you can provide safety as well as showcasing your garden. Many lights from the brand,’s own brand, ensure that this proposition can become a reality thanks to the simple, but high-quality finish and robust frame, as well as a focus on optimum light quality. You have to bear in mind that a frame in black, brown or other dark or simple colours ensures that the product itself cannot be seen in the darkness, but that the light can be. This achieves maximum focus on the light itself. However, if you want to attract attention with the product itself, you should ensure more than just the bulbs are visible. Designer lights are fully visible outside even at night - thanks to their design they illuminate with shape and colour, and the light will become your number one design tool. A bright area on the property makes the person looking at it interested in whatever is in this area. A brightly illuminated shape, on the other hand, arouses interest in the shape itself.

How do outdoor designer lights differ from bright wall lights?

The crux of the outside designer light is the completely glowing shape. However, it should not be just any old shape - it must attract attention and especially be effective, which is not easy because it must be fitted with enough bulbs, for example LED bulbs (to be explained shortly), to shine completely and fully from within. Not a simple task! And this is precisely why well-known designers from prominent brands and manufacturers wrack their brains day in, day out as to how they can realise the perfect designer lights for outside. When the topic of designer lights for the outdoor area is brought up, the names FLOS and Kundalini come to ind almost automatically, just as names like Ingo Maurer, de Majo, Kolarz or Tecnolumen do for indoor designer lights. Yet outdoor lights are clearly different from indoor lights - even in terms of design. Of course, in the living room, a light doesn't need to withstand any weather conditions, like an outdoor garden light does. It also doesn't need to be seen from the street, only from the door of the relevant room. Designer lights for indoors are works of art which captivate with their colour, shape and material. Outdoors, designers can work with colour, or more precisely, colourful light; the design on the other hand, must also be clearly recognisable from a distance. The shape needs to be clearly outlined so that it sets itself apart from brightly lit areas, for example those created by wall lights. Only in this way will it strike a passer-by as something special on a property or in a garden.

What shapes can outdoor designer lights take?

Your designer light will soar like a shining obelisk and be visible from afar. Passers-by, who will inevitably look at your property, will ask themselves "What's hiding behind that column of light?" If you are an entrepreneur who would like to increase your reputation, place a spotlight which will illuminate your company logo next to a designer light at a short distance. Passers-by will automatically remember your name - it will be a memory of something special! Of course, this also applies to customers who you invite onto your premises, to business partners, and even to strangers driving past who could become potential customers. Prominent manufacturers of designer lights for the outdoor area are always conceiving new shapes - after all, if all shapes were the same, what would the special feature of the lights be? Abstract shapes, combined with basic shapes like the cube or sphere, come into their own thanks to the size and colour of the outdoor light. Colourful lampshades rise out from a bush; a shining table invites you to take a breather. As a private house owner, you will quickly find whatever best suits your tastes. Haven't found the right one today? Then subscribe to our newsletter and easily discover new lamps and lights, trends and more in your e-mail inbox.

Do outdoor designer lights consume a lot of power?

Designer lights, for indoors and out, have a reputation for consuming a lot of power. However, as already mentioned in the beginning, today's lighting designers don't just have to come up with a creative design, but also have to implement this design in the best possible tway technologically. Even the modern design companies and big brands are aware of the needs of the ordinary consumer - saving power in every way possible is essential. It is necessary for designer lights to be particularly energy-efficient since outdoor designer lights should be visible all night long. Currently, the most popular way to save energy is the LED. LED bulbs consume about 90% less energy than a light with an E27 filament bulb would, for example. This correspondingly means a cost saving of around 90% for lighting. LED bulbs are also very long-lasting; their lifetime is 50 times longer than that of a filament bulb. Since outdoor designer lights only really illuminate in the dark, this increases the lifetime further. The LED is also popular for designers as it combines two characteristics together: efficiency and compactness. Whilst the efficiency meets the needs of the customer, the compactness meets the needs of the designer: having at your fingertips a light bulb which allows any creative concept to be fully brought to life. This is what designers aim for with LEDs in the outdoor area.

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