Make a terrace and balcony more pleasant with an outdoor ceiling light

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Create a more pleasant atmosphere on your terrace or balcony with outdoor ceiling lights.

When it comes to pendant lights and ceiling lights, people tend to think of indoors, as opposed to an outdoor area. These products, which are normally attached to the ceiling of a room to achieve wonderful general lighting in a living room or area-specific lighting in the dining room, are not expected in in the open air setting of the garden. In fact, these outdoor lights are not installed in the middle of the garden, but rather on a covered terrace or a covered balcony. In this way, they provide a special luxury. This area of the property now feels much more comfortable. Combined with the right furniture - a table where you can play a party game with friends, or where you can dine on a warm summer's evening - balconies and terraces will become virtually a second outdoor living room.

General lighting with outdoor ceiling lights

Apart from spotlights, common outdoor ceiling lights are similar to ceiling lights for indoors: They have a broad, uncovered lampshade and at the most a single, subtly designed frame, either in stainless steel or in chrome and black. As with indoor lights, the uncovered lampshade provides maximum distribution of light - and that is essential outside to achieve good illumination; whereas in the living room or bedroom the light is reflected by the walls, thereby illuminating the room properly, there are far fewer reflective surfaces for an outdoor ceiling light. As a result, not all shadows can be prevented by a single ceiling light. In a garden, underneath these outdoor lights, it might still be dark under a table, for example. Here, it is worth combining outdoor ceiling lights with wall lights to achieve good general lighting. In doing so, make sure that there is no glare from all the different kinds of outdoor light you use - otherwise cosiness on the terrace or balcony will be hard to achieve.

Create a comfortable atmosphere by reducing glare with outdoor ceiling lights

The outdoor ceiling light has the advantage that it is located on the ceiling of a covered balcony or a covered terrace. This means it is normally beyond the field of view of someone in this area. And yet: have you noticed how often you throw your head back when laughing, talking, or relaxing? Quite often! And because you will want to do this in your "second living room" - laugh with each other, talk and relax - you will often look directly at your new outdoor ceiling light. Do you want to disrupt these wonderful activities with a bright light which hurts your eyes? Certainly not, which is why outside ceiling lights should ideally be completely free of glare. This sounds difficult in theory but in reality it is rather quite simple to achieve. The lampshade should not allow the light through too easily, but it should not be completely transparent either. Outdoor ceiling lights therefore often have a lampshade of opal-white, translucent polycarbonate. This illuminates flatly and pleasantly without causing a glare or hurting the eyes. In addition, synthetic lampshades are in many cases so well made that they can easily withstand most weather conditions - after all, we are outdoors now, where rain, snow and ice contrast with warm, uncomplicated summer months.

The right protection rating for outdoor ceiling lights

The outdoor ceiling light on your terrace or balcony can expect to encounter rain, snow and ice, as well as dust and any insects which are attracted by the light. Although ceiling lights are comparatively well-protected against adverse weather by the ceiling onto which they are installed they still need to be robust. In general, a minimum protection rating for outdoor lights is the IP44. High-quality products have even better protection. An IP66 protection rating is the best choice: with all-round secure dust protection (which also protects against insects) as well as protection against strong jets of water, your outdoor ceiling lights will be armed against anything the weather can throw at them. IP67 and IP68 protection ratings are higher and protect the product against occasional or constant immersion, however it is very unlikely that your ceiling light will be constantly underwater. Pond lights, on the other hand, definitely should have the maximum IP68 protection rating to deal with the life-threatening combination of water and electricity.

Add light from a bright bulb to your outdoor ceiling light

No bulb, no light: the right bulb plays a big role for your outdoor ceiling light (as with all other lights, whether in the living room or the garden). The bulbs, however, are no different to the ones you would use indoors: filament bulbs, halogen bulbs, energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs are all available here. This means you can focus more on the most important factors when fitting your outdoor ceiling lights: the light quality and the energy efficiency. The former ensures that you feel comfortable under the beam of this garden light, whilst the latter ensures that you don't need to worry about high energy costs when using this lighting. Light quality includes high colour rendering of at least Ra 80, so that food outside is depicted in tasteful colours and does not appear bland and greyish. Another important characteristic of a high-quality light is the light colour. Warm white, universal white and daylight are all available, and different nuances can be selected to suit individual tastes. Remember: warm white corresponds to the cosy light in your living room and daylight corresponds to real daylight, which is definitely more like blue, rather than red. The latter is often considered cool in a living room, but outdoors your feelings might be a bit different. Ideally, it‘s best to try both light colours so that you feel absolutely comfortable with the lighting style you choose.. Two factors are important for avoiding high electricity and operational costs for your outdoor lighting: power costs should be kept to a minimum, and high purchase costs due to frequent bulb failure must similarly be avoided. Both factors are well-served by the LED bulb: a high-quality LED bulb is characterised by more than 50,000 hours of lifetime and up to 90% less energy consumption compared to a filament bulb. The high-quality LED bulb also exceeds all other bulbs available on the market when it comes to light quality. Looking specifically for a high-quality light bulb? Then we recommend you have a look at the bulbs from our private label, to perfectly fit out your lights - whether for indoors or out.

Excellent brands from well-known manufacturers for your outdoor ceiling lights and outdoor lights in general

Not just your bulbs, but also your lights should be of the highest quality, so that you can enjoy your purchases for a long time. That is why the best brands are available to you at, including the Steinel brand which has proven itself with the highest quality outdoor lights. You can certainly expect value for money with,’s own brand. Our test labs are constantly developing high-quality indoor and outdoor lights, combining our expert knowledge with awareness of customer wishes. With you can count on this combination of contemporary design and the latest in LED technology to showcase your garden in a completely new, efficient and cost-effective way. Feel comfortable in your garden - with products from

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