How offices and business premises can benefit from G13 LED bulbs

G13 LED bulbs were made to replace the conventional, less energy-efficient G13 fluorescent bulbs and to deliver a decisive money-saving and environmental benefit. Lights with a G13 fitting are used mainly in commerce. Fluorescent bulbs guarantee wide illumination of conference tables, entrance halls, cellars, corridors and industrial areas thanks to their tube-like, and very long design. Comparable lights are used in public shops and facilities, for example in the supermarket or in a hair salon. One thing is common in all of these businesses: the bulb is left on for a long time. Artificial light is needed throughout the day which makes light a large cost factor. In order to minimise this and to do the environment some good thanks to low CO2 emissions and low waste generation, G13 LED bulbs were developed as a replacement for fluorescent bulbs, as a so-called retrofit.


What does retrofit mean in the context of G13 LED bulbs?

G13 LED bulbs were devised to replace fluorescent bulbs without making it necessary to buy a new light. G13 LED bulbs fit in the G13 sockets of existing lights. It is necessary to check correct version of the replacement bulb, as various G13 lights use various lengths of G13 fluorescent bulbs. When changing the bulb from fluorescent to LED, also pay attention to the information on the respective product, specifically regarding whether it is compatible with the pre-installed transformer and starter. If all of this is present, changing from fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs can save 50 - 60% of energy – a large savings benefit. Light bulbs which can be changed to new technology without exchanging the light is called a retrofit. There are retrofits for almost every conventional socket. For E27 filament bulbs, for example, switching to E27 LED bulbs is more lucrative. Up to 90% in energy and costs can be saved by switching to LED bulbs. In addition, LED bulbs also have a longer lifetime. Use and operation with no maintenance is the motto of high-quality LED products. Additional information on the expected lifetime can be found in the product details under "Average lifetime".


Switch on and get maximum brightness immediately - how G13 LED bulbs can do what fluorescent bulbs cannot

Switch on and get light in the room immediately - for many fluorescent bulbs and corresponding lights, this was an impossibility. The initial flicker and buzz comes from failed starting attempts, each of which requires very high starting power. Often it took several seconds for the bulb to activate and begin to illuminate. With G13 LED bulbs, this shortcoming has been fully remedied. Due to their improved light technology, LED bulbs start immediately with maximum brightness. A switch-on time, in which the lighting current (the brightness) increases continuously (as with many energy-saving bulbs) is not required. During the era of the fluorescent bulb, we came to terms with this start-up time - the bulb would eventually burn in over a long period of time and the switch-on time would occur less and less. With LED light technology, on the other hand, both an immediate start and long-term operation are possible. This makes it possible to use LEDs with motion detectors. LED bulbs react with maximum brightness as soon as motion is detected and, due to immensely high switching stability, can be switched on and off frequently during the day in high-quality products, without any significant damage to lifetime, For only occasionally used areas, such as entrance halls, the use of the G13 LED bulb is an attractive, cost-efficient and virtually maintenance-free option.


G13 LED bulbs for hobby rooms - savings for private users

The higher energy efficiency class of G13 LED bulbs offers a savings advantage in places where light is not needed constantly throughout the whole day. In hobby rooms, for example, light is probably used for a long time, but not every day. Nevertheless, the higher purchase price of LED bulbs quickly becomes worthwhile. Not just for your wallet, but also for the environment. This is because CO2 emissions and waste generation are reduced thanks to a longer lifetime and lower energy consumption. The low CO2 emissions ensure active environmental protection on the part of each LED user. The low waste generation also provides relief for the environment; G13 LED bulbs also contain no mercury. They are considered electronic waste after their lifetime has expired and must be disposed accordingly, but the absence of mercury compared to conventional fluorescent bulbs is a clear advantage for the environment and gets rid of the worry of one of the bulbs being damaged. Pollutants do not occur in this case; laborious disposal of the remains is not needed.


LED equivalents also have a high lighting current (Lumen)

You often hear the preconception that LED bulbs are darker than conventional light bulbs. The starting point for this false assumption is the clearly lower power consumption. But this is an advantage of LED bulbs. Despite lower energy consumption, the same brightness value as with other, conventional types of bulb is achieved. With just 20 Watt power consumption, G13 LED bulbs produce around 2000 Lumen lighting current. Fluorescent bulbs would need around three times that amount of energy to produce the same lighting current. So anyone who wants LED bulbs as a replacement for their old fluorescent tubes, can do so with a clear conscience. Anyone who is undecided as to which light bulb to buy, can turn to our expert customer service team who will happily advise you with no obligation to buy. Contact us today - and start saving money and helping our environment.

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