Create light and visual pleasure with wall lights

Wall lights have a special position among all categories of lights. Their functionality includes the production of a bright light for general lighting as well as the integration of a room element which is decorated in the style of the respective room.

The large selection of different lights for the wall is otherwise only achieved, for example, by the table light, which is also available in many variations. For wall lights and table lights, the unmatched visibility of both products accounts for the variety in design. The light on the side table, dresser or bedside table is noticed with each visit and wall lights are noticed just as easily. This is due to the fact that the wall light is always mounted at viewing height - someone entering the room will inevitably notice it. This is a little bit different for ceiling lights: the person benefits from the brightness which the light offers, but doesn't necessarily notice the light itself; it's even more extreme in the case of built-in lights. Hanging lights offer a mixture of conspicuousness and practical illumination. This makes it almost essential that a room decorated in a certain style is not spoilt on the wall by an item which doesn't match.

For this reason, you won't just find one single wall light, but can choose your favourite from a varied, ever-changing product selection. Depending on the room, this could, for example, be a wall light made from sparkling glass, or one which has a modern aluminium casing. Products with crystal and delicately processed brass are available as well as exceptional designer light from brands such as Flos or Philips. The different styles include country house style, as well as classic, modern or Mediterranean style. Within the various styles, the selection is equally expansive; it includes products in different colours: chrome, white, black, red, nickel or with an industrial-looking steel casing. Discover your preferred product at!

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General lighting with wall lights

Wall lights, as well as ceiling lights, are used for large-scale lighting in a room, thus producing light for general lighting. This provides the basic orientation in a room, but is also used for carrying out essential visual tasks, like cleaning up in a kitchen, for example. Different visual tasks are carried out in each room, this means that as different activities take place, one light source is rarely enough. When reading a newspaper in the living room for example, the brightness can be too low; the smaller the details are, the brighter area must be lit. The emphasis here is on lighting an area, not an entire room. Because it can't be too bright for normal relaxation in a room. For this reason, you always use a form of area lighting in addition to general lighting (and if necessary, decorative accent lighting). However, the wall light is used for producing general lighting in the living room, indoors generally, in an entrance hall and also outside, in the form of exterior lighting, where once again completely different rules apply. Wall lights are often used in addition to a ceiling light, but in some cases, as an alternative. This, however, strongly depends on distributing several lights, so that you have enough brightness to replace the ceiling light and to create perfect general lighting. In wall lights, it is also important to pay attention to the direction of the light: a wall light can look wonderful, however it can glare in a living room if, for example, the bulb can be viewed directly, or if mirroring or strongly reflective surfaces provide indirect glares. Many wall lights therefore use indirect light to illuminate the room gently and largely without shadows.

Save energy with wall lights

Every household wants to save money for other things, like the next holiday, or a special piece of jewellery. In the field of lighting, maximum efficient use of energy is required, just like in washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances. The lighting of a room is part of its basic fittings - in many cases, for purely practical needs. Of course, you know that light can be more than just bright. Light can help you feel more comfortable and can completely suit your taste, down to the very last detail. Yet light is something practical - and therefore you can save in this ever-necessary domain. Consumers now know that filament bulbs are terribly outdated and consume large amounts of energy to achieve minimum light output. The transition to more efficient light bulbs, i.e. energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs, has therefore long since been put into effect. After initial discussions on different light qualities, alleged health threats and visually inappropriate alternatives, the lighting industry has recently reacted and produced bulbs which, visually and in terms of light quality, constitute a complete replacement for filament bulbs - and at much better energy efficiency. With LED lighting, the power consumption is reduced by up to 90% - with the same brightness. Wall lights can also be easily equipped with an energy efficient light solution. In addition to using LED bulbs, the user is also free to choose wall lights which are already fitted with integrated LEDs. These products are generally very modern in their design and convince with excellent light properties. In this case you will get special quality in the products of, which you can find in the own-brand

Special kinds of wall lights

Among the comprehensive categories of wall lights at, you can also find products which are much less designed for providing your living room, bedroom, entrance hall or your dining room with optimum brightness, but rather for completing your living experience. Picture lights and reading lights are special kinds of wall lights. Products like wall torches on the other hand, are among the various styles of these products, as is a wall light made of wood, stainless steel or another material, for example. Picture lights are used to illuminate your pictures. This could mean art reprints, real paintings or souvenir photos. It's clear that all of these things are room elements you are proud of. This should ensure you appropriate, excellent lighting. With a picture light, your photo or image does not get lost in the dark, but is illuminated by a spotlight and therefore emerges independently into the room. Thanks to the close connection between bulb and picture, there are no shadows; the picture is illuminated perfectly. The use of LED bulbs is recommended here to protect the picture. Other bulbs can fade the colours or cause serious damage. Reading lights underneath wall lights can be found frequently in hotels. The different guest rooms provide lights attached to the wall which have a flexible adjustable arm on the end of which is the light source. A light like this can be aligned perfectly by the guest to offer them optimum light for a pleasant time reading. Are you a regular reader? Then as a reading light, a stylish, technologically modern wall light is a worthy alternative to a table light.

A conclusion on wall lights

The wall light serves either to assist with general lighting, or to create general lighting, if using a large number of distributed individual lights. As wall lights are always at viewing level, the design of these products is very important. At, discover an unbelievably large selection of these products so that any style and individual taste can be indulged to the last detail by one or several lights. So that the light output is correct for every visual effect, the use of energy efficient LED bulbs is recommended, as is buying LED wall lights which are already equipped with this lighting technology.

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