Tiffany floor lamps - a unique combination of glass art and fascinating light

Wonderful, atmospheric light and a decorative element which has followers all over the world - with wonderful Tiffany floor lamps from, every room of your house will be a unique experience. The Tiffany style was created at the end of the 19th century by the artist and globetrotter Louis Comfort Tiffany, the son of the famous New York jeweller Charles Lewis Tiffany. On countless journeys around the world, Louis Comfort Tiffany, the talented landscape painter and to this day, the most important American Art Nouveau artist, gathered various prints and uncovered not just countless inspirations for himself, but also his huge passion for glass art. This passion for the material glass as a suitable expression of his artistic ideas, as well as the novel methods of using and processing this fragile material discovered by him make Tiffany's glass creations among the most beautiful of their kind. As well as flat glasses like windows and mosaics, Louis Comfort Tiffany gained worldwide fame mainly thanks to his wonderful Tiffany lights.

Tiffany floor lamps as a work of art for your home

Even today, Tiffany lights still have a unique charm which is difficult to escape. Regardless of whether in the bedroom, living room and dining room, entrance hall or kitchen, a Tiffany floor lamp doesn't just give the living room wonderful, unique light, but also an individual style element. This is because each individual Tiffany light is a work of art which will embellish your own four walls in a fascinating way. A Tiffany floor lamp gets its unique charm mainly from its shade, which, inspired by the glass art of Ancient Egyptians and the windows of French churches, exhibits a very special design as well as a very special type of manufacture. Each individual shade is made of countless, colourful glass pieces framed in copper foil which are soldered together for a wonderful, mosaic-like total work of art. But it's not just this special Tiffany glass art technique, patented by Louis Comfort Tiffany, which makes the shades of the Tiffany light so special, but also its design and love of detail. Shades in Tiffany style are always characterised by bright, colourful colours and a sophisticated, playful floral pattern which, in conjunction with the medium of light, creates a unique play of colours and design element for the apartment.

Emphasise your own style with Tiffany floor lamps

With a Tiffany floor lamp, you will get a real work of art for your home which you can discover and choose at according to your taste. A wonderful Tiffany floor lamp in yellow with a wonderful flowers and wave pattern, with a small dragonfly; an imposing bronze statue which has a bright, illuminating shade in a Tiffany style; or a two-bulb, Tiffany floor lamp in understated cream and dark brown which has a practical reading light as well as a funnel-shaped main shade - your own ideas and suggestions have no limits with these unique floor lamps. Get enchanted by the combination of unique glass art and fascinating light and give your rooms romantic cosiness.

A stylish, romantic atmosphere for your living rooms with Tiffany floor lamps

A unique highlight in your living room even when turned off, Tiffany floor lamps display their full effect only when turned on. Because, depending on which of the countless, sophisticatedly decorated, colourful shade designs you have chosen, you will receive not just an individual style element in your living room, but also a very unique light experience. Tiffany style floor lamps are mainly suitable where a defined area in your apartment needs increased illumination without destroying the room's cosy and inviting effect with too much brightness. A ceiling uplighter as a special type of floor lamp is excellent as a source for bright and yet cosy, indirect light next to a dining table, couch or armchair where ceiling uplighters with a separate tilting and swivelling reading light constitute an excellent all-purpose light source for a variety of occasions. Of course, it is also possible to create a romantic and impressive atmosphere and also to save energy with a stylish element like a Tiffany floor lamp. This is because you can readily fit Tiffany style floor lamps with modern and energy saving retrofit light bulbs like E27 LED bulbs or E27 energy saving bulbs and thus not just do your wallet some good, but the environment too.

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