The table lamps - a versatile product in terms of design & function

Table lamps are amongst the most coveted lamps for practically every room.

This is not surprising since table lamps are characterised by the unique feature of fitting in anywhere and being easy to operate.
The mobile table lamp is simply plugged into a socket and when the switch - often found on the cable - is pressed, you've got light exactly where you need it.

It doesn't even necessarily depend on "need". That is to say, you often don't want the table lamp for purely practical purposes, but you simply want to have a pleasant additional light for illuminating an area. Table lamps are excellently suited to this purpose thanks to a very varied design, which is accompanied by many different lighting uses and effects. Depending on the light bulbs used, be it filament bulbs, energy-saving bulbs or - even better, LEDs- you can customise the light effect and, with an LED bulb, create something which is particularly energy-saving and efficient.

Discover the varied design of the table lamp in our shop

The decorative aspect of table lamps is simply undeniable. Imagine a classically furnished living room featuring a classic-style table lamp with a white-opal lampshade and a delicate brass frame on a side table. Imagine a country house-style dining room where a rustic table lamp with a wrought-iron base and a lampshade in the colour "champagne" or another warm colour such as beige is sit on the window sill. On the other hand, modern bedside table lamps can also be placed in the bedroom. Simple in design, they offer a wonderful reading light. Do you want to place a lamp on top of a dresser or sideboard in the hallway to inspire your guests? Then the crystal table lamp is a good choice. Table lamps can be found in every style and in rich designs within each respective style. Finally, we offer you a large selection of hand-picked designer lamps  from well-known brands, manufacturers and designers such as FLOS or Ingo Maurer, which are often more like a work of art than the traditional kind of lamp for the table.

Table lamp from

The classic shape of a table lamp

The usual table lamp is 70 cm high and comes with a base and a lampshade. The combination and arrangement of these two elements makes for very diverse product ranges. Typical materials for the lampshade include, of course glass, but also plastics and fabrics. One of the most famous table lamps with a glass lampshade is the original Wagenfeld table lamp. You can purchase an original product like this from the manufacturer Tecnolumen at It has a long-running German history, a certificate of authenticity and a product number which identifies your copy as unique. Lampshades made from fabric, however, ensure the table lamp has a particularly cosy light, with the fabric being chosen from a whole range of options. Lampshades made of natural fibres such as cotton and silk are especially popular, but during your visit to our site you will also discover exquisite designs in leather. Amongst the synthetic lampshades, you will also find a rich variety of colours. A colour coordinated lampshade to suit the room can give off a particular accent, be it in black in an otherwise bright room, or a shade in green in a child's bedroom. The base of the table lamp is once again an element which can easily be made into something special. Whatever you do, don't forget to have a look at our table lamps with a wooden base during your visit. These natural-looking room elements look unique in a country house style and particularly cosy in the kitchen, especially for lovers of fresh, country house food. Yet the diversity of this category of products is far from exhausted! Would you like to let yourself be surprised? Then subscribe to our free newsletter after your visit to stay constantly up-to-date with news, offers and particularly beautiful lamps and lights.

The table lamp is not only beautiful but also practical

In our online shop, you will find categories of table lamps which clearly fulfil a practical function: desk lamps and clamp lamps. The latter is characterised by even more convenience than the simple table lamp: its clamping base means it can be attached to any table edge or door panel. Often, the lampshade of such a product comes in the shape of a spotlight. This provides direct illumination of the area where an additional mobile light is needed. This could be in a bathroom, where light is missing and where there are often no windows, or in the often too dark area underneath a kitchen cupboard. Furniture lights and plug lights are also recommended as solutions here. The desk lamp category - also a convenient category in this type of product - includes desk lamps which are made for carrying out delicate visual tasks, which differ from those in a normal living room, at a desk with the correct illumination. For example, for relaxing on the sofa and for a sweeping glance through the room, you need less light than for a more focused look at your documents in your home office.

Lighting with the table lamp - an overview

The light from a desk lamp is directed at the documents at your workplace and provides optimum light. This type of lamp offers a good range of high-quality designs and therefore can also be very visually attractive. This equally means that decorative table lamps can also provide practical lighting. The table lamp belongs to the category ‘area lighting’. As a rule, table lamps do not provide general lighting; other categories of lighting such as pendant lights or indoor lights are much more suited to this. Ceiling uplighters, a variant of floor lamps, assist with the brightness of a room rather than producing it entirely on their own. A ceiling uplighter with a reading light - often an LED - on the other hand, can often adopt the task of a table lamp very easily if it has been purchased for reading and you prefer the modern design of the ceiling light with chrome metal. The table lamp is usually the first choice amongst interior lights which can create area lighting that is particularly atmospheric. On a side table in the living room, it provides a reading light for brightness when reading or a gentle light which is easier on the eyes when watching TV. On a dresser in the hallway, it can bathe an entrance hall in a warm, welcoming light for your guests which is not too bright and yet not too dark. In the bedroom, the table lamp offers illumination for a bedside table or for reading; on a window sill it can also be very inviting - particularly if it catches the attention of passers-by at night. People will then quite often say you have "a beautiful home!". The correct lights and lamps can have this effect!

Save energy with an LED table lamp

It goes without saying the table lamp is a product which requires electricity for use. People often get rid of this beautiful decorative object in order to reduce their energy consumption. But this does not have to be the case; LED lighting technology offers an excellent opportunity for providing efficient and atmospheric light and also saving energy. Many designers of up-to-date brands, which also includes the products of, already use permanently installed LED bulbs in their lamps to equip their products with an optimal and economical light source. Explore the world of the table lamp today at, or browse through our latest offers and with a bit of luck, you'll discover your new dream lamp!

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