How can company properties and private homes benefit from recessed LED floor lights?

Recessed LED floor lights for the outside optimise the property by showing it off and improving it in terms of safety. More focus can be placed on security or looks depending on whether it is used in the commercial or private sector. However, the safety aspect isn’t solely for commercial use and the visual aspect isn’t solely for private sector use. No matter if it’s a company property or a private home: each of these properties might have access roads, parking spaces, gravel beds, wood panelling for terraces, bridges over ponds and of course, paths criss-crossing through the property. The use of the recessed LED floor light, whether for decorative or safety-related purposes, depends on the respective character of the property. Of course, a high-quality recessed light can fulfil both functions simultaneously.


LED recessed floor lights used in car parks and access roads

More often than not, company properties need large-scale parking areas for their employees. In the autumn and winter months, employees frequently arrive and leave in the dark, so these parking areas must be well-lit to avoid accidents and make it easy to leave the company property when exhausted after a hard day's work. Often, the wall lights of a building are used in combination with post lights to illuminate parking areas near to a building. Whilst wall lights make the building boundaries clearly visible, post lights shine a large beam of light onto a large part of the parking area, providing visibility. LED recessed floor lights, on the other hand, don't illuminate the parking area from below because there are no reflective surfaces to spread the light into the surroundings and make extensive illumination possible. However, similar to some manoeuvring areas on an airfield, they make the borders of an access road visible. This can help lorry drivers orientate themselves properly, for example - the road they need to use is always clearly visible. In hotels, recessed LED spotlights are used for helping with orientation and for visually enhancing the hotel property. For example, if bus or taxi drivers are taking guests to their hotels in the dark, roads within the hotel grounds flanked with recessed spotlights often show them the way. On the other hand, features like this are visually first-class and the guests are more attracted to the hotel.


Recessed LED floor lights: install and operate steadily with no additional maintenance

LED light technology has recently asserted itself for use in outdoor lights. The modern recessed light uses LEDs in combination with a high-quality housing. Recessed floor lights must withstand tremendous demands and must often remain on for the entire night. Assuming an average of 8-12 hours of darkness per day, you would soon come to the conclusion that traditional lighting technology would quickly meet its limits in terms of lifetime. Filament bulbs, which only last for 1000 hours, do not even enter into the debate. LED recessed spotlights, on the other hand, last for up to 50,000 hours, depending on the manufacturer, processing quality and thermal management. In contrast to filament bulbs, the light quality is much better suited to the outdoor area. This is because white or blueish bulbs are often used more in the commercial sector than cosy warm white light sources. Many recessed floor lights use universal white light which is much easier to achieve with an LED than with other bulbs. There are, of course, many warm-white LED recessed floor lights available for private use. These outdoor lights ensure that even the outdoor area and garden look particularly inviting. Not only is the lifetime extremely attractive with LED recessed floor lights - the electricity cost savings are too. LED light technology and a high-quality product saves 80-90% energy without losing brightness. The slightly higher purchase costs will soon pay for themselves - often within the first year of use.


The right protection rating for LED recessed floor lights outdoors

In addition to a high-quality LED bulb, recessed floor lights also need a high-quality finish so that you can be satisfied with the product for a long time. One of the most important criteria - if not the most important - is the protection rating, abbreviated to IP. Recessed floor lights are often exposed to heavy rain, which can sometimes lead to them being immersed in water. This risk can differ depending on where the product is mounted, but occasional flooding can be expected on illuminated access roads. An IP67 protection rating is a minimum requirement. This means that the product is dust-proof and suitable for intermittent immersion (in water). Using a product with an IP68 protection rating is even better, as this protects against continuous immersion. This protection rating is required for pond lights and the like, and constitutes the highest protection rating available for recessed floor lights. The dangerous combination of water and electricity is only acceptable with a correspondingly high protection level, otherwise the beautiful and useful outdoor lighting will quickly come to pose a risk.


A high-quality look and robust finish are additional criteria of LED recessed floor lights

As well as a high protection rating and a high-quality light source, how the rest of the material in an LED recessed floor light is finished is crucial. Different materials are used in these products, for example polyester resin, Plexiglass and of course aluminium, glass and plastic. Many recessed floor lights also have a stainless steel frame, mostly square or round, which surrounds the bulb and not only looks high-quality and visually flawless but also needs hardly any maintenance. Install and enjoy long-term, maintenance-free enjoyment with LED light technology - this is the motto of LED recessed floor lights. For recessed floor lights for use on parking areas or drivable areas, choosing a recessed light which is clearly designated as drivable is important. For these lights you should also look at the maximum load capacity because inadvertently or unavoidably driving over the LED recessed light could damage it or make it unusable. If the recessed floor lights are not supposed to be driven over, but may be walked over, products identified as ‘walkable’ should be chosen.'s customer service team is eager to help you choose the correct product for your exact area of application, and will advise you in a friendly and competent manner. Call or e-mail us with your needs - we look forward to helping you with your lighting plans!

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