How halogen recessed floor lights provide a secure outside light and attractive light effects

Providing more safety through outside lighting is always a hot topic. Too frequently accidents are caused by poor sight in the dark, be it by tripping over a step, a car colliding with a house façade, or simply going off the garden path and twisting your ankle on an uneven grassy surface. Accidents thanks to poor lighting also occur in assisted living as well as on a private property. Providing good lighting in the shape of path lights, wall lights and candelabras is almost compulsory. Halogen built-in floor spotlights can improve the safety concept more. On no property should safety alone be depended upon in such a way that appearance misses out. Halogen recessed floor spotlights are versatile in use and interesting and exciting light effects can be realised in any flowerbed.

Halogen recessed floor spotlights for path guidance on private and commercial properties

Going off the path is not just a proverbial danger. When it's dark outside, it means being exposed to the dangers of unworked land areas: open construction sites, hilly ground or an unlit pond which in the dark can seem so quiet and flat as if it were solid ground. Correctly illuminating the paths available and highlighting paths and anything similar contributes hugely to reducing accidents. For this purpose, path lights are regularly used, as are wall lights near buildings and candelabras on car parks. On the other hand, halogen recessed spotlights are installed on a path and don't just work on their own, but in conjunction with other built-in floor lights installed at regular intervals. Thus they don't primarily assist with the illumination of an area - in any case there isn't a reflective surface if they are only directed towards the sky - but they assist with path guidance and orientation. People are guided by halogen built-in lights - upon installation near a house wall, swivelling halogen built-in floor spotlights can be directed onto the house wall in such a way that they illuminate it and can create a replacement for conventional façade illumination.

A cost-effective solution for creating an attractive lighting concept in the garden

Halogen recessed floor lights are a cost-effective solution; other types of built-in floor lights differ mainly in terms of the quality of the light bulb. LED recessed floor lights have, contrary to halogen built-in lights, a longer service life and are also less cost intensive in operation. The purchase costs repay very quickly thanks to the long operational time and the energy efficiency. Anyone who first wants to try out floor lighting, or who places value on an exchangeable light bulb is well-advised to do so with a halogen recessed floor light. Trying out is an option which should not be underestimated. It is worth trying out something new, for example illuminating plants and flowers from under the earth. This creates fascinating light and shadow effects which bring your achievements in the garden into their own. Illuminating the house façade with swivelling halogen recessed floor spotlights near a house façade can visually enhance a property and thus increase the overall value of the home - especially for curious and slightly jealous neighbours.

Secure against heavy rainfall: the halogen recessed light with the right protection rating

Halogen recessed floor spotlights with an IP67 protection rating are not conceivable - the highest protection rating of IP68 is better. The reason: in heavy rainfall, paths and other areas of the property can be flooded. Even if it's just a case of "a bit of water", the combination of electricity and dampness can assume devastating proportions. Products with a high protection rating on the other hand are equipped against water and dust. The protection rating IP67 allows for intermittent submersion, while lights with an IP68 protection rating can be under water constantly, just be aware of the maximum water depth. For professional fitting of this sensitive lighting technology, consult your electrician and get initial expert information on the perfect product for your requirements from the customer service of

Robust processing with stainless steel, aluminium or glass

While the high protection rating of the halogen recessed floor light is obligatory, the products are made of many materials. High-quality has the priority here. Particularly popular are products made of stainless steel, where a frame made of this material which surrounds the light does more than look good. Stainless steel is robust and low maintenance so that you can enjoy your purchased product for a long time. In addition to the protection rating, material and light bulb, pay attention to whether product can cope with pressure loads which, where applicable, affect the light body. If you plan to use the lights on drivable paths, the recessed floor light must be identified as drivable and the maximum load should not be exceeded. Also, not every built-in floor light can be walked upon. To prevent the product being damaged by the weight of someone walking on it, a walkable spotlight must be used. On the other hand, built-in floor lights which you install under plants do not necessarily need to be walkable and least of all, drivable. Pay attention to the exact labelling of your product and in case of doubt, ask for more information from the customer service. Our expert team will be glad to help you.

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