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The post light, also known as a candelabra, is a very popular light amongst outdoor lights, although it needs a bit more space to install. Post lights first become post lights when they reach a height of 1.5 metres. Candelabras at a height of 2 metres or more are much more common. Since the garden is not covered by a ceiling, the height of the light does not at first seem problematic, but single-bulb candelabras which means one bulb located under the lampshade directly above the pole, are not always desired from the large selection of products. Indeed, two-bulb and three-bulb versions with arms which carry the lampshades and which take the shape of a nostalgic lantern are too attractive. Large products like these aren’t just tall, but also have a certain diameter which has to be taken into account when planning. However, when you allocate the space for a post light, you get a fantastic light in an attractive design which doesn't just illuminate the property amply, but will also be noticed in the garden thanks to its height and design in the respective style.

Post lights and candelabras are visible from afar

Large lights are, if anything, perceived as small lights - at least during the day. At night, the light ensures the gaze of anyone who looks at it is drawn in. Modern wall lights, for example, can have a frame in simple black, aluminium, stainless steel or plastic and can therefore almost disappear in the darkness. But they can also attract attention with modelled light, for example in the form of a large or small light beam. Post lights and candelabras, however, will always be conspicuous during the day. This is because it is far from being simply a product for lighting a property (which it can handle masterfully), but it is also an elegant light with style. A two-metre high, three-bulb post light will definitely be easily noticeable during the day as it dominates the garden and can impress in a "country house" style, for example.

The right style for your post light

Being able to choose the appropriate style for post lights and other outdoor and indoor lights is one of the large advantages of purchasing from - as is as the expert customer service team which will gladly help you select the right outdoor light. We have brought together the entire range of attractive designs, styles and offers under the category "Post Lights and Candelabras". Maybe the classic style is for you? Then, for an especially elegant look, you should choose a candelabra with lanterns designed in brass, bronze or copper. For a "country house" style, you will discover solid, perhaps wrought-iron frames in brown, black or old brass with few frills, but perhaps also a patina which makes the product particularly dignified and nostalgic. True-to-style, candle-shaped E14 bulbs, or particularly warm illuminating LED bulbs for tasteful lighting are located under the lampshade made of glass or plastic. But of course, the modern style is also well represented here. The clear line and a frame in glittering chrome or brushed stainless steel dominate modern candelabras which are often also characterised by an almost futuristic design. Be inspired and discover the post light of your dreams!

The right material for your post light

Post lights and candelabras must endure all different kinds of weather conditions, from scorching sunshine to rain, ice and snow. It goes without saying that a special material is necessary for this. Have you ever wondered why indoor lights come in so many more styles? Table lamps with a fabric lampshade, crystal wall lights, height-adjustable pendant lights with ceramic of Tiffany-style lampshades, filigree floor lamps with a reading light or ceiling lights with a golden edge? This is due to the fact that outdoor lights with these materials would be damaged quickly - and you certainly wouldn't take much pleasure in that. A post light must therefore not be as delicate as a chandelier made of Murano glass, but must nonetheless fit the style of the property. So that styles like country house, classic and also modern can be realised, outdoor lights of this category use robust materials like aluminium, stainless steel or extremely robust plastic. Lights made from die-cast aluminium and from plastic generally come in a colour which matches the style, whilst lights made of stainless steel do not need another colour and can win people round with their metal look alone. If the casing of the post light is acceptable in terms of resistance and look, then it is now a matter of selecting the correct bulb.

The right bulbs for your post lights and candelabras

Energy-saving bulbs, LED bulbs, halogen bulbs or the common filament bulbs - even in post lights and candelabras, you have a range of choices when it comes to bulbs. The choice of bulb is not as difficult as it might seem at first. In principle, no-one would be against the idea of using the most energy-efficient light bulbs which guarantee optimal lighting conditions for a light as large as a candelabra. After all, a candelabra may have several bulbs, each of which uses energy and therefore generates costs. These advantages, energy efficiency and optimal lighting conditions, are only found together in LED bulbs. Once the old bulb has been swapped for an LED, you will get several years of use from your bulb. With a lifetime of around 50,000 hours, you don't need to waste any more thoughts when swapping bulbs. Likewise, you won't need to worry over the electricity bill as much. LEDs save around 90% of costs and use around 90% less energy than a filament bulb to achieve the same level of brightness. The LED is one of the most developed light bulbs of our time. And because it is still evolving, it is worth keeping up-to-date. You can do this easily by subscribing to our free newsletter. As well as up-to-date information, you will also receive exclusive vouchers and can even look forward to discovering current offers - e.g. LED savings packs - conveniently in your inbox.

The light range of post lights and candelabras used properly

The light from a post light covers a much larger area than a pillar light, for example. Therefore it's worth using this light properly to get the most from your garden. There are, of course, some areas of your property which you like more than others. Use the light from a candelabra to precisely illuminate the area you are most proud of. This might be a flower bed, with lush, exotic plants which have all grown wonderfully. Or you’ve made the worthwhile effort of paving your property with stones in such a way that you have elegant, nostalgic looking paths which, just like the gardens of palaces or the old town streets of London, quite clearly want to be emphasised at night. Create your own world in your garden and provide the right lighting at night - with post lights and candelabras.

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