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Why do people use outdoor spotlights on their own private property? In terms of lighting technology, they fulfil the same function as a spotlight does in inside lighting: they illuminate a selected area. On your last car journey, you will surely have noticed that the headlight is very limited at night - the surroundings are still clearly dark. With a spotlight indoors, you can certainly perceive an increase in brightness in the whole room. In the living room or bedroom, the reflection of the light on the wall or ceiling ensures that the light falls everywhere in the room. Of course, you can still create an area of light - in this case, the reflection only provides relief for the eyes. Outside, however, there is not the same level of reflecting surfaces like walls and ceilings. The eyes are therefore more exerted and the light is more "limited". We have put that word in quotation marks because the "limited" light of the outside spotlight is a positive characteristic: you can choose which area should be illuminated. Why one area deserves it more than others will be explained below.

Capture the "correct" areas with the outdoor spotlight

Again, quotation marks for the "correct" areas, because only you can decide which areas are the correct ones for illuminating with an outdoor spotlight. We at Lampenwelt.de will however give you a few tips on using this special outdoor light. Every garden has areas which appeal to the owner, and parts which the owner would like to either improve, or which the owner doesn't consider successful. Darkness offers both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that unpleasant areas disappear. The disadvantage is that almost everything disappears. With an outdoor spotlight, you can combat the darkness specifically where you don't want it. Thanks to the very limited light described above, you can decide what should be emphasised and what not. For companies, it is the logo which should be illuminated by a spotlight in the darkness. On your private property, it could be a flowerbed, a special tree, wonderfully paved ground – or an area where safety is important.

Increase safety outdoors with an outdoor spotlight

Outdoor spotlights come in various designs. Some shine a small beam of light which is wonderfully suited for highlights, while others offer a very large light area. The latter is mainly used as an outdoor spotlight for the wall. These outdoor lights are installed to illuminate fixed areas which never change. These could be house entrances, corridors, or the garage entrance. The outdoor spotlight for the wall, often supplied by mains electricity, ensures that these dangerous areas are particularly safe. Stairs and individual steps at the house entrance are well-lit, making a false step far less likely. In corridors, the light is switched on automatically thanks to a motion sensor if unauthorised people remain in this area. And safe entrance into the garage is ensured with a spotlight, as the light turns on - also thanks to a motion detector - when a car approaches. The manufacturer, Steinel, produces these and other high-quality outdoor lights with up-to-date technology and modern designs.

Use outdoor spotlights for highlights

Many of our products are however intended for highlights, including ground spike lamps in particular. Ground spike lamps are characterised by a ground spike which can be placed almost anywhere in the garden so that this outdoor spotlight is placed precisely where the it is needed. In many cases, a cable must be laid to operate the light, however there are also solar lights which get their energy from the sun alone. That means: no more tripping hazards (cables) and no more electricity costs for operating. Can you see the functional difference between an outdoor spotlight for the wall and an outdoor spotlight with a ground spike? Correct! With a ground spike, you can illuminate objects likely to change and with a wall light, you can illuminate fixed objects. Objects likely to change include trees, flowerbeds, or a wonderful bridge over a garden pond. Such jewels of the garden will appear in the best possible light with a flexible spotlight - and when something changes in your garden, then simply put the ground spike somewhere else!

The LED outdoor spotlight: modern illumination for your property

The LED is the bulb of the future. Of all the bulbs available, the LED is the most energy efficient and most durable for generating light. In addition, the LED has extreme switching stability - frequently turning it on and off with a motion detector hardly damages the bulb. LEDs also achieve maximum brightness immediately, which makes them perfectly suited to use in outdoor spotlights with a motion detector. When it comes to brightness, the LED produces an unbelievably high light output of over 100 Lumen per Watt with a minimum amount of Watts consumed. Halogen bulbs, energy saving bulbs and of course filament bulbs are therefore taking more and more of a back seat. Filament bulbs and halogen bulbs, due to their short lifetime and the high energy consumption, and energy saving bulbs due to their start-up time for achieving full brightness. In addition, you will also have the full selection of light colours and very good colour rendering with an LED. As this bulb is developing rapidly and we at Lampenwelt.de are always putting together savings packages at special prices, we recommend that you subscribe to our free newsletter so that you are always informed about these offers via email.

Why do outdoor spotlights prefer a simple design?

Outdoor spotlights serve to highlight your garden accomplishments, and not the light itself. The spotlight itself should ideally disappear into the background when used for highlights. Thanks to its silver surface alone, stainless steel looks so elegant that you won't want to hide the spotlight from view. On the other hand, outdoor spotlights made of plastic or aluminium are preferred in grey, anthracite, black or other dark colours in order to make the spotlight simply disappear at night so that maximum concentration is focused on the area captured by the light. Want to use your outdoor lights to draw attention to the light itself and not the garden? Then enjoy the large selection of pendant lights, wall lights and path lights for the outoor area which can all be designed in a specific style. Have a look at our decorative lights for your garden or visit us on Facebook for more inspiration for your own, personal style.

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