How you can experience the lighting control of the future today with Osram Lightify

When you look at the functional range of Osram Lightify, it is clear that the future of lighting will abandon many traditions. The walk to the light switch and dimmer and plugging in and switching on a floor lamp at the other end of the living room is just as superfluous as setting timers for lighting, so that when you're on holiday, it looks as if someone's at home. Many other worries are completely gone, for example the ever-important question: did I really turn the light in the bathroom or kitchen off? Osram Lightify, the networked light solution of the future, will throw all of these thoughts and needs out of the window and even offers more: it makes another large step towards an individual lighting atmosphere.

Your new convenience with Osram Lightify

After a hard day's work, do you just want to sit comfortably on the sofa and not budge, but the light in the room is much too bright? You would love to dim the brightness, but the control is at the other end of the living room. A stone's throw away, but you have hardly any strength for a stone's throw. But if you have a smartphone which, after finishing work, you can't put down because you're staying in contact with friends and acquaintances, then you're just a download away from maximum comfort! Install the Osram Lightify app on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy full control of your lighting from your sofa. All LED bulbs of the intelligent light control can be configured any time by pressing a button or tapping the screen with your finger. Do you want it a bit darker? No problem! But darker or lighter are much too traditional options! Instead, how about a romantic red lighting atmosphere or a dreamy blue? Let your finger wander round the colour wheel of the Osram Lightify app and discover the differences for yourself as well as your personal light atmosphere which you can save and recall again at any time.

Security thanks to light control from Osram Lightify

Osram Lightify functions via domestic WLAN or via an internet cloud, so that you can access the lighting at your home from anywhere in the world! That means: you never again have to leave hastily for work in the morning and spend the day thinking about whether you have turned the light in the living room or bedroom off. In a free minute, simply open the app and switch off or change the light at home with the press of a button. Changing the lighting at home - switching a bulb on and another off - ensures that your house looks lived in - both when on holiday and on a business trip. Burglars always orientate towards easy targets, i.e. ones they can approach unseen and ones which they can tamper with unseen. What about when the lighting in the house makes it look like someone is at home? Then the chance is very high that burglars will not risk your house. Your Osram Lightify app will accompany you not just to a new, convenient light atmosphere, but also to more security for you, your family and your property.

How does the intelligent light control via Osram Lightify work?

A central component of the system is the Lightify Gateway, which can be connected without a cable and can be integrated seamlessly into your WLAN. The Gateway is the interface in which all the lights and bulbs of the light system converge and are thus made available for manipulation in the app on your smartphone or tablet PC. The Gateway is also storage for all light settings configured with Osram Lightify. Thanks to very simple operation, additional products of the system can be easily added so that more and more individuality in domestic lighting is possible without ever having to go to a new light switch. Your app, in which you have a choice of activating several mobile devices for controlling your lighting, is everything you need. So for example a daughter can access the lighting in her room, from her room; a younger brother can make his room blue or green as he wants and the parents can control all lighting from the living room.

Which products are available for me with Osram Lightify?

The Osram Lightify light system allows you to control the light quality in your house all-round. So that this happens faultlessly, only high-quality technology and processing, which is ensured by the brand name Osram, is considered. Products which are compatible with the new light system are found in this category in which the offer is constantly updated with the growth of the system. But don't worry! At Osram Lightify, you don't have to bid farewell to your beloved lights as you can quickly and easily buy bulbs compatible with the system and use them in your lights. The compatible E27 bulbs are the only LED bulbs which are suitable for continuous colour change. The long service life of the products also ensures that you can simply use them maintenance free - entirely in the spirit of the future of lighting. Surely you have heard that LED bulbs are more energy efficient than all previous light bulbs and can save up to 80-90% in costs. You can also enjoy all of these advantages with the high-quality bulbs of the Osram Lightify light system.

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