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Substantial illumination is not only important indoors. Any outdoor space can benefit from a helpful or decorative light. In the morning when the sun hasn’t yet come up or evenings when it’s getting dim out, outdoor lighting helps guide you, whether it’s in the driveway, in the garden or on the stairs to the front door.

Ensuring safety in the outdoor area is an important function of outdoor lighting. Well-lit pathways make sure you don’t step into the flowerbed or trip up on any uneven parts of the path. In addition, having enough illumination in the driveway ensures simple and safe parking. Accidents can also often happen when a pond isn’t illuminated well enough, as the smooth surface camouflages itself as solid ground in the dusk. With the correct lighting set-up however, these accidents can easily be avoided.

And of course, on a warm summer evening amongst friends and family when you’d like to stay in the garden just a bit longer, the right amount of outdoor lighting seamlessly allows this.

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Outdoor wall lights

Lighting up the outer walls of your home both provides safety and sets a scene. An effective illumination of the façade with a light that shines out at both sides, for example, can optically improve the visual value of your property. At the same time, outdoor wall lights help you avoid any accidents, such as on the stairs up to the front door.
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Path and bollard lights

Also known as bollard lights, path lights guide the way through your property, avoiding any potential accident areas or low-lying flowerbeds. And that’s not all: a visual tour through the garden using light can also set a lovely scene. Here’s a tip: if it’s a low wall you’d like to light up, simply select the shorter version of your favourite path or bollard light.
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Recessed lighting

Recessed floor or ground lights add an interesting, smart touch to any path or terrace, and help ensure safety as well. For example, recessed ground lights lining the edge of a driveway can help guide a driver in and out of their parking space and keep them off the lawn. If you prefer, you can choose to install weight-bearing recessed lights, which can even be driven over in some cases.
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Deco and designer lighting

Decorative and designer lighting focuses less on the illumination of a space and more on acting as an accent. Whether it’s a cosy tea light, light-up figure, glittering Christmas display or monumental sculpture of light: decorative lighting will enrich your garden with fascinating lighting highlights.
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Solar lighting

The term ‘solar lighting’ describes more the technology employed by these lights than the style of lights themselves. You’ll find solar lights perched on a spike to highlight a certain plant or flowerbed, lighting the way as a bollard light, or decoratively lighting the wall. And the best part is: you haven’t even got to lay a cable or fiddle with wiring! Just make sure the light itself gets enough sun to charge up, and you’re ready to go.
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Spots serve to directly highlight certain aspects of your garden that are particularly worth showing off. Integrating spotlights into your property can really help you to bring it to life – perhaps to highlight those freshly blooming roses, or give the limelight to your favourite tree. Even when used among some shrubbery, spots can create a unique and inviting setting.
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