de Majo - Quality, tradition and innovation

Italian lighting manufacturer de Majo Illuminazione united in their creations the Venetian glass art with contemporary design. On one hand, clear shapes and colours characterise the image of de Majo, on the other hand, the Italian lighting manufacturer owes its reputation to preserving traditional chandelier designs from Venice. The designers of de Majo create works of art made of glass and light, by interpreting classic Venetian chandeliers. This keeps the heritage of the glass art of Murano, the world-famous glass-blowing town, alive and they open up at the same time for new ideas and visions.

More than 60 years of experience - the de Majo history

In 1947 the Neapolitan Guido de Majo founded in Venice the company on the small island of Murano as his first glassworks - the beginning of de Majo Illuminazione. As in the 70's design began to play an increasingly important role, de Majo was one of the lights manufacturers with the possibility to realize a new vision, without losing sight of tradition. The designers of de Majo combine the degree of standardization and creative development. De Majo lights are designer lamps - either standard or custom-made or with individual décor as existing models.

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