The chandelier is the gem of your decor

A classic chandelier from

With a chandelier, people can combine luxury, crystal, glittery brass and a completely extraordinary visual experience.

This view is not without reason, but this form of lighting has always been exaggerated in palaces, mansions, royal houses and aristocratic properties. The chandelier is in fact the crown of the room, is always outdone in terms of monumentality and is still designed more impressively.

For a long time, however, this monument has not just been reserved for the aristocracy, but as a stand-alone, high-quality room element, has found its way into living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Since not all of these rooms are as large as a mansion, more and more small chandeliers with a smaller diameter are being produced, which makes all of the impressive properties of a large chandelier available for home users. This results in a feeling of luxury and grandeur - and in your own four walls.

You can be proud of this kind decorating element; from now on you can eat at the dining table with more enjoyment, relax much better in the living room or sleep especially well under the glow of an elegant light. Just like the kings and aristocrats demanded more and more diverse lights from their architects, the designers of today are trying devise the most diverse chandelier designs for a wide variety of tastes. It's not just taste that's important, but also the decorating style. For this reason, chandeliers of all designs, from classic to modern, are created. Since these products hang from the ceiling and thus, in contrast to a ceiling light, fall into a person's normal viewing area, it is a particularly good idea to choose one which is stylistically appropriate.

A chandelier is always noticed by guests and should therefore not clash with the style.

A chandelier matching the room

A modern room, which follows a clear line and favours simple shapes, will barely stand to benefit from a classic chandelier. It would much more favour a product which would supplement the room with a special feature which would still fit the style. offers products made of glass, crystal glass or acrylic which break up the light and provide exhilarating effects, and at the same time, at an affordable price for the home user. Modern forms of chandeliers with a chrome frame are also popular. An elegant black can also enrich a modern room with a colour accent which places the high-quality decorating piece centre of attention without it looking out of place. It is completely different with a room furnished in a more classic or antique style which is also characterised by elegant wooden furniture. Here, you can benefit from a high-quality, elegant looking light with brass, crystal or gold, as well as with some filigree frill or another adornment. Such products are reminiscent of mansions of the past and present, so that an enthusiast will feel incredibly comfortable under the glow of their chandelier.

Provide the right light with a chandelier

It's no secret that chandeliers are mostly used for supplementing a room with an impressive room element. However, even with a chandelier, the aspect of lighting is of course crucial, particularly if it is the only light source in the room and is not supplemented by other lights. In the event that the chandelier has to provide general brightness, a product which has several light sources needs to be selected. This is usually not a problem for chandeliers which get their distinctive shape from the several arms which have several light sources on them. However, depending on the size of the room, you need to be wary because a three-bulb product may not be adequate for illuminating the whole room. In this case, you can contemplate a product with five bulbs, nine bulbs, or even more bulbs. The variety in any case is big enough to brightly design any room with just one chandelier. You may be wondering that if the chandelier is used to create general lighting, is the way of mounting it to the ceiling similar to that of a pendant light? That is correct, but it's important to note that the light of a pendant light is often cone-shaped and shines downwards, and so is perfect for illuminating a dining table. A chandelier on the other hand, generally doesn't have light bulbs whose light can be directed, but ones which shine all-round. Since the whole room is immersed in light instead of a single area being illuminated, the chandelier is a general lighting product which is similar to a ceiling light.

The right bulbs for a chandelier

In selecting the bulb for a chandelier, you face a similar decision as when selecting one for any other light. Of course, the times when you would use real wax candles on the crown of a chandelier are long past. In times gone by, these shone a rather insufficient light and have of course, been readily replaced by everyone with modern lighting solutions. A candle bulb, provided in most chandeliers - often with an E14 fitting, is recommended. These are characterised by a bulb which visually mimics the shape of a burning candle. For those who particularly love details, there are wind-blown bulbs which with a turned or twisted bulb, are more realistic. In terms of the lighting technology, filament bulbs were the only choice for a long time. They shone warm white light which was particularly cosy and as a result is very similar to a real candle. It is now easily possible to achieve this light quality with other, more modern lighting solutions - and at better efficiency. Energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs are also highly recommended. These are also available in the shape of a candle bulb and can save up to 90% of energy and costs. Did you know that in centuries gone by, the price of candles was so high, that only very rich people could afford a chandelier? In complete contrast, you can, today, save money with a chandelier - thanks to modern light bulbs!

Make more of your room and your home with a designer chandelier

As with other categories of lights, the creativity of renowned designers has found its way into chandeliers. For example, you can expect fantastic chandeliers of a particularly elegant charm in the brand manufacturers de Majo. Here, real crystals are freely used as is the well-known and popular Murano glass. Colourful, filigree decorations complement these works of art which provide much more than illumination in a room. These products are prestigious and impress your guests. If you don't want to spend thousands on that kind of chandelier, you can switch to a chandelier with lead crystal or acrylic, which will still leave a high-quality impression behind in your room. Never fear: in centuries gone by, many aristocrats used lead crystal in their elegant premises in order to impress their guests. You can, for example, get this type of product from the manufacturer Honsel, who have made it their business to make high-quality lighting products more affordable for the home user. So any room can have its own chandelier.

A conclusion on chandeliers

The chandelier is an object which is connected with luxury and not without good reason. It makes more of a room which it enriches not just with very good lighting. Depending on the size of a room, it is necessary to select the right number of bulbs if the chandelier is the only light. If you want something particularly elegant, choose a high-quality chandelier with crystal, gold or silver from a brand manufacturer. If you want to easily enhance your own four walls, chandeliers made from different metals, glass, lead crystal or inexpensive materials are available. Products which set a colour accent and, for example are designed in red or black are suitable for modern rooms. With a modern, but also beloved, older chandelier you can save efficiently, if you use LED bulbs in place of filament bulbs.

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