The ceiling light: the quintessence of lighting in any room

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Ceiling lights are, as a rule, essential for lighting a room and for cosy living at a comfortable brightness.

Although there are various other methods of making a room bright, including indirect wall lights and certain pendant lights, the ceiling light is a first class means for creating general lighting in a room because of its character and position in the room.

General lighting is the kind of lighting which ensures that day-to-day activities can take place in a living room, kitchen, dining room, in the bathroom or bedroom and of course in an entrance hall. These activities include orientation as well as cleaning, tidying up, relaxing and to some extent, reading, painting or watching television. For these activities, a certain background brightness is required in the room which a ceiling light can cover unlike any other light.

It is right, for example, that a particularly comfortable additional light is required in a reading chair so as, on the one hand, not to brighten the room completely, but also to be able to concentrate on reading.
On the other hand, it can happen that you hold the book so that it is comfortable - but also so that the light doesn't illuminate the pages, but illuminates the spine. In such cases, additional lights are used, so-called area lighting. Appropriate lights for this include floor lamps or different kinds of table light.

Excellent room brightness thanks to the position and character of the ceiling light

The ceiling light is located directly below the ceiling. The only way you can place a light higher is with a built-in ceiling spotlight or with downlights, which architecturally involve merging with the ceiling and thus aren't readily used in a normal living room. The ceiling light has the advantage, due to its height in the room, that the light is spread as far as possible throughout the room.

For this to happen, the light from a ceiling light must be able to shine all round. A frame which partially covers the shade would hinder this. For this reason, the best-loved of all types of ceiling light is the semi-circular shape with an opal glass shade. The translucent shade ensures that the light is shone in every direction. The whole room is immersed in a comprehensive light.

Shades for a ceiling light

The semi-circular shade made of satined glass doesn't just ensure, however, that the light can shine all round; it also ensures that a person in the room is not bedazzled by looking directly at the light. If the material of the shade were clear glass, you could look directly at the bulb which would at best be annoying, and at worst can be unbearable. It is important to note that light sensitivity differs from person to person; some wouldn't mind looking at the bulb, while others wouldn't be able to relax at all. There are also significant age-specific differences.

An alternative to glass or opal glass is of course plastic, which can conceal the bulb and can also be translucent. Ceiling lights or hanging lights with large shades in different colours are found in various clothing shops, particularly the modern ones. Depending on which style you prefer, you can benefit from such a modern colour accent. If you have decorated in a classic or country house style, instead of modern, you want a light which corresponds to this style.

It is very advantageous that the ceiling light must be able to shine all-round, and can be made like this anyway, to fulfill its function. Examples for such a design are semi-circular ceiling lights with a metal ring which can be made in chrome, nickel, brass or another elegant colour. Engraving and different decorations is not impossible in ceiling lights designed like this.

Non semi-circular ceiling lights are also to be found. They can be square and can integrate flat light outlets which are surrounded by a wooden frame. Such a ceiling light looks very natural and is thus is suitable for decorating styles like New Country. Anyone who is looking for a particularly extravagant design will turn to ceiling lights from well-known designers and manufacturers, for example Flos, Ingo Maurer or the particularly elegant Ilfari or de Majo.

The LED ceiling light - a revolution

Everyone is familiar with the annoyance of changing an E27 or E14 light bulb in a semi-circular ceiling light. You often need a ladder and a lot of patience to safely remove the shade and to swap the defective bulb, for example a burnt-out filament bulb. But soon people will only know about changing light bulbs from hearsay. This is because ceiling lights with an installed LED light are finding their way into the lighting industry more and more.

Instead of working with fittings and bulbs, the light source is installed directly with the casing. However, so that the light source doesn't become defective before the actual product, thus causing you to completely dispose of your ceiling light, wall light or other lights, or to send them for repair, you need a far more durable light source as the bulb. LEDs are precisely that: their durability of up to 50,000 hours is 50 times that of filament bulbs. LED ceiling lights are thus almost entirely maintenance free - hang up and enjoy the best light is the motto here.

This is because, in fact, LEDs provide the best light: it can be warm white light a filament bulb, universal white like in a comfortable, business-like office, or daylight white, for particularly meticulous work. LEDs provide the most economical light currently available on the market: thanks to the high energy efficiency, they require around 90% less energy than a filament bulb. This makes them efficient cost-saving measures for private and commercial users - particularly since the ceiling light is switched on for long periods of time. Another advantage is the compactness of the bulb: designers can realise almost any design with the compact LED technology without having to be bothered by unwieldy bulbs.

So lights for the ceiling are created which can be simply exceptional - or effective, for example with colour changing LED lighting technology. Are you still undecided and want to browse a bit more? Then have a look at our current offers. There you will find high-quality lights with and without LEDs at the lowest price - and perhaps your new ceiling light will be one of them!

What is a ceiling light which can also be mounted on the wall?

A ceiling light can also be constructed in such a way that it can effortlessly assume the function of a wall light. Wall lights also serve to help with general lighting in a room. For this, they mostly shine their light onto the wall. The brighter the wall, the more it reflects the light shone from the wall light - and the whole room will be so much brighter. This indirect light is soft and barely casts a shadow.

The room gets a basic brightness which can be extended by additional light sources. You will get more information when you find the product of your choice - or you can contact our expert customer service to find your new dream light quickly and easily. If, however, you are interested in cutting edge products, innovative light bulbs or useful expert advice, then we recommend that you subscribe to our free newsletter to always keep up to date.

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