Hanging lights allow you to create a fantastic array of lighting situations, in the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, living room – practically anywhere! Find out how and why hanging lights are able to do so much more for a space than simply illuminate it in our infographic below.


In this infographic we’ve put together 12 tips to help you choose a hanging light that will create a comfortable space where your family and friends will enjoy sitting, eating, talking and playing. It will also help you choose a pendant light to fit your personal interior style. Take a look at the overview of topics covered below – function, design and technology – and find the tip that could help you make a small change in your home with a big impact on your wellbeing.


infographic on hanging lights
infographic on hanging lights
infographic on hanging lightsinfographic on hanging lights

Any varied lighting concept wouldn’t be complete without a hanging light. But that’s not all – a single hanging light with a stylish and smart lampshade can really make all the difference in the visual impact of a space. Pendant lights hang down almost to eye-level, rather than hiding near the ceiling. This makes them a design element on their own.

Thanks to the fact that the shade of the pendant light hangs down where it can be seen, it is easily noticed. When this shade happens to be in a particularly impressively style, it can decisively change the feeling of the space.

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