Which type of Outdoor Wall Light is right for You?

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Looking to give your outdoor space a new look?

You probably already know the difference a new set of wall lights can make.  Indoors we decorate our walls with carefully chosen pictures and pieces of art. What you place on the wall decides the feeling and style of a space. So why should outdoor walls be any different?

Outdoor wall lights are both decorative and practical. They set the theme for the surrounding landscaping choices, accent the otherwise plain surface of the wall, and provide illumination to keep you from stumbling around in the dark. If the lights are installed at home on the terrace or balcony, then they can also set the mood for the evening when entertaining guests or relaxing on your own. If equipped with a motion detector, you lights will even act as a burglar deterrent and keep unwanted visitors at bay. But what type of wall light should you choose?

Modern?  Traditional? How about with a motion sensor? Smart?  With LEDs?

… or what if you fall somewhere in between?

Find out below!



exterior wall light

The Traditionalist

Brick or stone walls, perhaps post and beam construction, a dash of wrought iron and some beautiful flower beds to add colour: your property gives off a traditional charm. You know what looks smart and pleasing to the eye, and you’d like to simply freshen up your outdoor lighting without having to redesign the entire facade and style of the building.

Does this sound like you? Then you’re the ‘Tried and True‘ type! Wall lights with elements such as panes of glass and a frame of dark metal would compliment your home quite well. And you’re in luck! thanks to modern technology, you can even find traditional, lantern style lighting – perhaps even with a discreet built-in motion detector – to simplify your life.


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The Mid-Century Modernist

Open concepts, an abundance of glass and a focus on wood and modern materials: your house has been a home for the last 5 decades, yet its design hasn’t aged a day.

Perhaps you’d like to give your living space a new look, but without much ado?  Looking for a combination of the perfect mix of past and present design that will fit into almost any space?

Then you’re a Mid-Century Modernist! Combining elements of the traditional with new ‘mod’ lines,  modern design reminds us of an episode of Mad Men. The lantern style light is alive and well, but wearing a variety of new modern looks. The addition of LEDs allows this style of lights to retain a classic, mid-century look while keeping your energy costs low.


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Mid-Century Modern

 modern exterior wall light



led outdoor wall light

The Contemporist

Clean angles, new materials and simple forms. Bold. Responsible. Minimalist. Efficient. These are some main aspects of contemporary design, and could be used to describe your ideal space as well.

If you are looking to save energy – for both your wallet and the environment – then an LED lighting concept is a must. The unique curves and intriguing new designs made possible by the use of integrated LEDs combined with a neutral anthracite finish will accent any space in your home without aging or influencing its style.

Intrigued? Then you’re a Contemporist! The latest ideas and innovations in lighting and design are at home in your living space, and you don’t shy away from new technologies and materials.


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About the collection: Lampenwelt.com

Our house brand Lampenwelt.com is especially designed and manufactured at our main offices in Germany with the today’s consumer in mind.

The mother company of Lights.co.uk, Lampenwelt, is Europe’s leading online shop for lighting and lamps. Building upon over 10 years of direct experience and customer feedback, the designers of the Lampenwelt.com brand strive to ensure their collection is economic and responsible in terms of energy consumption, while offering a wide range of designs to suit any home or office. Each light in our house brand is the result of a meticulous process involving researching the latest trends in lighting styles, choosing high-quality materials from which to craft the lights and ensuring minimal energy consumption thanks to LED technology in almost every light. Our goal is for you to find the perfect light for your needs, and with such a large selection we’re sure you will!

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