All Good Things Come in 3’s: introducing the Tripod Floor Lamp


tripod floor lamp

Floor lamps – a great way to add some additional light to your home without much ado!

Whether it’s for reading, relaxing, or simply a little more visibility, the versatility of the floor lamp makes it popular with designers as well. The newest trend in standing lights, for example, is the tripod floor lamp. The stable frame of these lights is reminiscent of camera tripods or studio lighting, and can often be a design element in itself. However, as with all types of lighting, every floor light is unique in its own way. This is obvious when you consider the brand new tripod-trend: you’ll find various styles and combinations of frame and shade.

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 Natural simplicity and Comfort: the Scandinavian tripod floor lamp

Simple, practical shapes. Light, friendly colours. Raw natural materials like birch, spruce or pinewood, cotton, linen and even leather: these aspects mark the Scandinavian interior design style. This style is one of the most comfortable, smart and modern interior design styles of all. And of course, the tripod floor lamp is no exception.

Take a look at the Charlia (to the right), with its base of ash wood. The white fabric shade ensures a comforting, warm light when the light is switched on, especially with the use of a warm white light bulb.

Scandinavian tripod floor lamp



designer tripod floor light
modern tripod floor lamp

refined cashmere tripod floor lamp

Original and striking: the Designer tripod floor lamp

The wire mesh element surrounding the aqua shade and base made of mango wood make this light an immediate eye catcher; a fantastic element, especially in a retro-vintage setting.

Futuristic: a three-legged figure from designer Andrea Lazzari

Both the metal vortex-like spiral shade and the ring at the foot of the slender frame remind the viewer of a science fiction film. Great for anyone looking to incorporate a bit of the cosmos into their modern space.

Fancy, fancy: delicate frames and silken shades

A true lighting dream, the tripod floor lamp Cashmere is the perfect touch for a classically styled room. The noble trademark: a shade of silk with delicate patterns adorning it.



tripod spotlight

Your interior design choices in the limelight: the authentic tripod-spot

It’s easy to imagine that a tripod light like the floor lamp Mettle has just been taken from a photography or film studio. That’s exactly what gives this light its charm: its job is to put your living space ‘in the spotlight’ and to highlight particular areas in your room. This can be a picture or an object, or you turn the flexible head of the light upward and use it as an up-lighter.

Fact is: this tripod floor lamp ensures a sensation and an extraordinary detail in any modern living space – something that is actually true for all lights in this trend series.

Modern comfort: the elegant, height adjustable tripod floor light

The minimalist interior design style focuses on simple lines and maximum comfort. Naturally, this is also true for the tripod floor lamp Dimitrios. The slim, nickel finished frame underlines the cohesive minimalism of your room and the white fabric shade creates an especially comfortable filtered light. Two further elements of the Dimitrios ensure more functionality and comfort: a pull switch and a small adjusting wheel on the frame to allow seamless height adjustment completely dependent on your lighting needs at any given moment.


height-adjustable tripod floor lamp


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