Let’s hear it for the light bulb! – The trend towards visible light sources


They are made of varying metals, and textiles, of gold or copper, glass or polycarbonate, feathers, leather…

The list goes on and on… their form can be rectangular, round, square or oval, very fancy or quite simple… one of the most elementary components of a light…But – what are we talking about here? Lampshades of course! They surround the bulb and often determine the character and look of the whole light. Well, this very element is now … simply left out!

One of the newest trends in lighting combines contemporary, purist lighting designs and modern LED light bulbs, delighting with a nostalgic aesthetic. Incorporating this unique combination into your home will give it a whole new look, as the light bulb is no longer hidden behind the lampshade as a simple provider of illumination. It is now an independent design element on its own, taking centre-stage in determining the look of the whole light – with or without a shade.

hanging light with visible light source




The motto from now on is: show off that light bulb!

TThose hanging bulbs commonly found during the first few weeks in a new flat as a transitional lighting solution – namely the ‘raw’ hanging fitting that simply provides the bulb with electricity – has now become an acceptable new lighting option: a smart, stylish and illuminating highlight in a modern design, fit for nearly any living space. The combination of contemporary designs and modern LED filament style bulbs, as mentioned above, isn’t only restricted to hanging lights, even when this type of light offers such a large selection on its own.

This trend extends to table lamps, wall and standing lights and ceiling lights as well, ready to give your living space that modern boost.


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Light bulbs as a highlight – presented in numerous styles

You may be thinking to yourself ‘so… what’s so special about that?’ But wait! These new nostalgic, minimalistic lighting trends are in no way drab, just because the light shade no longer plays the main role. This new light bulb-focused trend comes in three different, exciting variations:

  • purely the light bulb
  • the bare bulb surrounded by a stylish, clear glass shade
  • or in a geometric wire ‘cage’

This means that there are some lights where the lampshade is missing completely, and the form of the light has been reduced to the ‘raw’ bulb and fitting into which it is screwed, transforming the bulb into a special point of focus. It’s not only the light bulb, however, that is a stylish highlight, but the minimalist fitting and suspension cable lead as well.


visible light source in a modern room



Suitable for every space & interior design style

Perhaps a light with an open, exposed bulb emerging form a ceramic cube as illumination for your chest of drawers? How about a classic gold-coloured, glossy pendant light over the dining table? Or maybe an unusual light in the form of a water tap is more your style? What about one with an industrial style fitting and paint that appears to be worn, or a lamp with a base like a film reel? The section is massive and sure to hold something suitable for every space and interior design style.

It is important to note when installing these lights, that you leave enough space around them in the room, so that their full effect can easily be enjoyed –  these simple, modern fittings are simply too good to be accidentally hidden behind something.

Cage Lighting: beautiful illumination with a modern design


cage hanging lights
minimalist cage lights


Yes, ok, we’ll admit – light shades aren’t completely out. The other two variations of the exposed-bulb style include some form of a shade – either of clear glass or a ‘cage’ made of wire. However: these are shades in the minimalist of terms!

These lights take the ‘bare’ bulb to a new level, presenting it in a fascinating, minimalist cage made of delicate or angular wires. And even though these mainly metal ‘cage lights’ take the traditional form of a light shade, the way in which the light emits is completely new, and in no way outdated or every-day. Instead, these lights lend a modern, rustic flair to their surroundings and fit perfectly into any industrial style setting.


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purple glass hanging light

A radiant highlight: stately glass shades

Another interesting ‘raw’ design – albeit a bit softer in form and not so rustic –  is the next new trend in lighting toward simple, clear or smoky glass shades. Instead of caging the bare bulb in with wood or wire, a grand glass shade is also an option.

Of course with these lights the light bulb is also centre-stage. With a clear glass shade the bulb is a purposefully visible design aspect that lends its form to the overall look of the light. Regardless of whether the shade is traditional and clear, has a lavender hue, is hung from a rope in maritime style or rests on the table in the form of a cake bell – these lights guarantee an elegant, attention catching highlight in any living space.


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LED light bulb in different colours

LED technology in the most nostalgic of forms: LED-Filament bulbs

Yes, you could of course use older halogen or incandescent bulbs that you already have on hand with these trendy new lighting styles. However, the fact that these old bulbs are not part of the new trend is obvious. The old bulbs are neither a good choice for your wallet, nor for the environment.  In addition, these older bulbs offer much less in terms of performance when compared with LED light bulbs.

LED bulbs are without a doubt the best choice for use in these new styles of lights, especially the LED filament-look – the trendy light bulb with a directly visible LED filament, perfect for modern purist lights with exposed bulbs.

The LED filament bulbs combine all advantages of ‘normal’ LED light bulbs with a classic, vintage look. In contrast to standard LED bulbs that usually have a matte bulb and a cooling base part, the LED filament style bulbs contain tiny strips of LEDs in the form of a coil, and the cooling base simply disappears due to the fact that any warmth is disbursed into the filling gas of the surrounding bulb. The LED ‘filaments’ give off a warm, welcoming light in all directions. To create even more of a nostalgic atmosphere you can choose a light bulb with the extremely warm luminous colour of around 1,800K.

The clear glass bulbs surrounding the ‘LED filaments’ are often identical to those of traditional incandescent bulbs, however they too can be found in various playful colours and forms, as well as different dimensions. Extremely long candle bulbs or large globes, vintage style tear drops, partially mirrored bulbs, or glass in sultry shades of smoky coloured glass, as well as a myriad of ways in which the ‘filament’ is formed make these bulbs an exciting and unique new way to elevate any light as part of this new trend.



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