Hall Lighting

Your hallway is not just a pathway through your house, it is also the room which welcomes yourself and guests into your home. It is therefore important that you strike a balance between functional and attractive lighting. As with other rooms in your home, the hallway should be illuminated in a manner that suits its usage.

It is essential to create an even spread of light throughout your hallway. This should be bright enough so that doorways and stairs are clearly visible, but not so bright as to be dazzling for someone entering from a dimly lit room.

Centralised chandeliers or shielded pendant lights can dramatise a relatively spacious hallway, whereas wall mounted sconces are a more practical option for stairways and narrower halls. Uplighters can be used to increase the feeling of space in your hall by turning the whole ceiling into a light source and creating a soft spread of illumination throughout. These methods also avoid the glare which can be produced by downlights.

By installing a ceiling fan light at the top of your flight of stairs you will not only create an interesting focal point but also help to ventilate your home and regulate the temperature between floors. This can be supplemented by an attractive floor lamp if space allows.

Rope lights can enhance safety and produce a striking effect when used to define the edges of stairs. As these are available in low voltage options they are relatively efficient to use over long periods and so could be used as a form of nightlight. Tiny Led lights or fibre optic fittings could also be installed along the edges of stairs for an equal result.

Nightlights may also be used in hallways to help navigation in the dark without having to switch on startling bright lights. These are available in varieties which only illuminate from dusk til dawn, and also in motion sensor varieties which would only illuminate when a person enters the hallway. These are both practical and economical ways to light your hallway during the night.

A well lit hallway can instantly make a house seem inviting and careful planning can ensure that stairs and walkways can be navigated safely, day and night.

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